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Hi! Thanks for checking out my page. I've been a member of allnurses since Apr 8th, '11. I have no blogs or journals to follow, but you are welcome to find me on the threads I follow, where I love humor and silliness to counter the seriousness of life. Feel free to chime in. Currently work PD/Geriatrics.

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    "When you're a Jerk, you're a Jerk all the way,
    From your first little Tweet
    to your Im-peach-ment Day!"

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    At the rate of people getting fired, DWTS could do an entire Washington/Politico-themed show!
    ...The Sharks and The Jets also come to mind ...

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    Every time Sarah Huckabee Sanders comes out from behind the curtain and approaches her podium, (TO ME) her Body English and her facial expression reads as a kid who DOESN'T want to get up and do that book-report in front of the entire class.

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    He is such a tool.

    And highly over-rated.

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    Nel, it's okay to SAY the offensive word, but yer not allowed to type in the word **** on this site.

    Yes, the White House fracas' ( fraci?) only serve to make me more appalled than ever. Truly disgusting.
    BAN FRACAS'ING. I am for impeaching the whole lot of them.

    Is 'the donald' (no longer deserves those capital [Capitol] letters) the Lord of the Flies AND The Antichrist? I used to think the Antichrist might be, in her heyday, Oprah. No more.

    And they called Nixon "Tricky"!

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    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    T.O.S friendly, too!

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    Yeah, that Lisinopril has me doing the dry-throat-tickle cough since it's been upped to 20 mg qd. ugh. Also am on Mobic 15 mg qd for arthritic pain.
    As far as the diet goes, I am --how shall I say this?--um, far enough away from the dx which scared me into trying the diet in the first place, and suddenly taken to stopping by McD's which I haven't done for YEARS. So compliance is irregular to say the least.

    Was just reading stuff in a medical site about liver and renal problems; the inner body is fearfully and wonderfully made. Anatomy and Physiology was the one subject in nursing school that was so fascinating to me, it just completely blew me away ... well, heck, it still does--

    Guts: Gotta love 'em, can't live without 'em.

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    I've only been married half that time, 28 years; ask me again when I'm 96 years old, if I'm still here.

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    Washington DC, in general, and the White House in particular, has taken to driving around in a new hybrid vehicle known as a Cluster Truck.

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    I WILL let you go, because you're relentless, y'know it?

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    Quote from heron
    It's not a given that we'll ever find out the results of Mueller's investigation
    Just dropped by for a little comic relief, if any can be had.

    I saw this in The Charlotte Observer, 7-23-17, on the OpEd page; they have a column called The Buzz, where people can call in a leave one or two sentence opinions or wisecracks about the current news stories.

    "Mueller investigation reveals millions of voters knowingly colluded with the Trump campaign to get him elected."

    After I read this and laughed. in the back of my mind I heard Connie Francis singing, "Who's sorry now? Who's sorry now? I tried to warn you somehow. You had your way, now you must pay. I'm glad that you're sorry now."

    Transposing this to the political scene, I'm not sure if I can tell who is singing to whom! Seems like either side could claim it, ne?

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    Mamma Mia, Mama Mia?

    (one "m", or two?)

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    Quote from FranEMTnurse
    What language is that?
    German, mostly; It's part of the Queen song "Bohemian Rhapsody". . . or did you already know that?

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    Ich vill nacht. no!

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    ...maybe a cup of tea?