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Hi! Thanks for checking out my page. I've been a member of allnurses since Apr 8th, '11. I have no blogs or journals to follow, but you are welcome to find me on the threads I follow, where I love humor and silliness to counter the seriousness of life. Feel free to chime in. Currently work PD/Geriatrics.

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    Afternoon Peoples!

    I've caught up on reading (Sat, Sun, Mon) whatcha all have been up to. I've been working my three 12's, or sleeping, or cooking, +/or eating, or driving to and from...Sounds exciting, whoooo-hooooo!

    Poor, poor Ted! I offered you a deal on 2 baby Nubian Dwarf goats to do your mowing for you, but would you even consider it? Nooooo. And it is too late now, because my sister has not only given up breeding goats, she has NO goats at all anymore, period! BTW, Are you going to post a lawn-mowing video this year, with a new composition especially for us??

    Hubs going on 9/8 for an ultrasound; no, not preggers, but his Liver Panel is wonky (nope, don't know any #'s to tell you just now) so his doc wants to see what she can see. He says he is not worried and is not expecting 'bad news', but, but, but,...then again, "IF" this or that were to occur, etc., etc. and then he goes on to add: he's not really worried about it, but, like, IF he is on Life Support (?!?!?!?) [something he doesn't want, he has said many times previously]... then I should not pull the plug, because as long as he is on life support, his status would be that he is not dead, therefore I can keep drawing his social security check. Uh,ok.

    Actually, what this all points out to me is we have got to get ALL our legal ducks in a row, like pronto, and tout de suit !!!

    Famous procrastinator though I be, no more foot dragging! I have to make an appt w/ a lawyer or lawyerly paralegal, drag hubby to said appt, and, oh, first find out the fee for such, to make sure I can cover it!
    Hubs says his mother has "promised" him that if something happens to him before SHE dies, when she does die, his half of the inheritance will automatically come to me. Which means HE has to go over to his mom's and take her to her lawyer to get it written down, or it doesn't mean or count for anything! And HE is a more-worser procrastinator than I am!

    Vent over!

    As me ol' mither used-ta say: "Don't get excited, and don't grow pale; if you can't go to Harvard, you can always go to Yale." Her Da's way of saying it was: "Don't worry, it'll all come out in the wash."

    So, yeah,I mean YEAH! We are also having the loverly weather, with reasonable temps, a sweet little breeze, and no humidity to speak of! I am lovin' it!

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    Ladies of the Night, AKA "The World's Oldest Profession', of course!

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    tax-free 'wages'

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    I'm up too late, waiting for the dryer to finish doin' its thang. Had a good day puttering around; got some laundry done; gave myself a facial and deep-conditioned my hair. Been reading, watching old movies; put together a meatloaf to take in for supper tomorrow night. The last meatloaf I made there (at work) wasn't so terrific, so I've got my own ingredients and made it here. Just have to preheat the oven to 350 and wait an hour, voila! The meatloaf has a ring of lil baby taters around it, so just have to make a little salad. And never can tell...I might even make an apple pie!

    Good night/morning you nice folks!

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    Thank goodness I have my private-duty cases. I do have to work, and retirement is but a pipe dream at this point.
    At least I can choose which cases I will work and don't have to take on physically challenging work. I used to be the one who frequently, voluntarily took on the 'hard/difficult' patients/cases. So, what I am doing now...well, I call it my "Ain't Hardly Work" jobs.
    I reckon it's about as close to retirement as I'll get, so I figure I owe it to myself to be in a position to ENJOY the work I do.

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    Quote from herring_RN
    Has anyone tried those frozen Atkins low carb pizzas?
    I have not.
    I only remember that it was completely unmemorable, except in it's complete lack of flavor and the unpleasant texture/consistency of the crust...
    ...other than that...

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    ....... LOST.......

    One (1) Far'wyn,
    AKA: ""

    Petite School Nurse w/ Proclivity for Humor.

    Self-Admitted Lurker.

    Last spotted on Facebook.

    Approach With Caution : May be fickle.

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    Why isn't it Night-Dreams and Day-Mares?

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    The poster above me has a particularly weird way of packing her suitcases when she travels. All items are alphabetized. On the spines of each piece of luggage it tells which volume it is, just like encyclopedia sets of the olden days: A-C, D-G, H-K, L-Q, R-V, W,X,Y,and Z.

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    I got 7 hrs sleep...3 AM to 10 AM. Oh, those late night old movies catch me almost every time!

    Hubby has taken the van (at my urging) and gone down to visit w/ his mom; I get to drive the little OLD truck w/ no AC, which is fine. Will be commuting on Sat and Sun, before the heat of the day sets in, and at, or just after sundown, so it won't be so bad.
    I'll get done whatever errands need to be done today; have a nail appt at 11:30 AM, and want to go drop off my time-slips at the office. Then I can come home and take a shower and stay put until Sat. AM's drive to work.

    Depends on what mood the MiL is in, whether or not hub returns sooner than Sunday...

    Will come back by later to check on everyone...

    Mazel Tov!

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    Quote from Rose_Queen
    No reader required! No smartphone or tablet required either, although there are apps for each. You can read it right on
    Got to read the first chapter; so far as I can tell, you hafta pay to read the rest of it. I tried getting just Michael's chapter but I just kept getting returned to the end of Chapter One.

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    Quote from FranEMTnurse
    oh my oh me, I've gotta go pee!
    I hope the outhouse is a two-seater: the coffee I have been drinking is having an intense conversation with my kidneys and my bladder is catching the fall-out!

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    That's the funniest lie; I don't know Jack Schiest about investments, never mind sensible financial advice!

    FranEM is living in an alternate universe, where the impossible is the norm and normalcy is impossible.