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Hi! Thanks for checking out my page. I've been a member of allnurses since Apr 8th, '11. I have no blogs or journals to follow, but you are welcome to find me on the threads I follow, where I love humor and silliness to counter the seriousness of life. Feel free to chime in. Currently work PD/Geriatrics.

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    Much of the 'same old, same old' going on in this neck of the woods...but at least it doesn't have to do with the spouse/vodka issue, thank God. However, I am trying to use AlAnon's detachment method, as it can apply to any part of life. Meanwhile, I feel like I am in suspended animation.

    I have just deleted most of this post, and this ^ is all I'm posting for now. Will probably stop by to read y'all, but not posting much.
    Working 12 hr shifts Sat and Sun, and 6 hr shifts Mon and Tues.

    Hope everyone's weekend is great!

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    Oh, StNeo, that sounds like a fabulous trip! I know you'll have a really GREAT time!

    Congratulations and welcome to the Good Morning thread, NurseSammy90!

    Far' okay?

    Allow me to be slightly obnoxious and say in a sing-song, (good-naturedly) taunting way:
    I don't have to work tomorrow!

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    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    Do you think that those glowing spots are organic?
    Think I didn't read all the literature that was there, when I visited it years ago? Whaddya think, they hired some hillbillies and rednecks to climb ropes and paint the stuff on there?

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    Apple-sauce, bran, and prune juice, and butter.

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    Are you aware of a place in Alabama, a small valley of rock formations which created cave-like areas? Did you know that the rocks/boulders there have glow-in-the-dark spots/dots which grow naturally on the rock's face? Did you know the place is called "The Dismals"?

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    Slept late, it was wonderful to be able to do so!
    "The sun is up, the sky is blue; it's beautiful, and so are you, dear Prudence..." (Beatles)

    I'm not sure what it bodes for the remainder of the day, but first thing this morning, the microwave we bought exactly 6 months ago today gave up the ghost! I put my cup of coffee in, set it to one minute to reheat. WELL! the heating process lasted 2-3 seconds and it quit. DRAT! WTH? Tried it in several modes (timed/all reheat settings/etc) to no avail.
    As events go, it isn't most horrible thing, but it is pretty darn annoying. Hubs called to find out if it can be replaced (we have the receipt) but Wally will not replace it because we did not purchase the EXTENDED warranty and the store's warranty is 90 days. Yup. it's always SOMETHING!
    Hubby is on the phone to MalWart Corporate Headquarters, calling to complain. Hamilton-Beach... the manufacturer's number yields a busy signal, ad infinitum. Then he is on the computer to see if he can get another number to contact customer service. OY! He is relentless when it comes to venting his spleen. He's not under the illusion that these calls and his complaints will yield any resolution, but that doesn't stop him...

    Huh! Whaddya know...Kellogg's is opening a Cereal Restaurant in NYC on July 4th... base cost will be $7 per bowl! Additions such as raisins, nuts, banana, whatever... extra $$. For real! No one asked ME, but I think it is pretty stupid. You can go to the grocery store and get an individual-serving package of cereal and a pint of milk and one banana for less than $7. But, yeah, you'd be giving up the restaurant milieu, so...

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    What about Sons of the Pioneers?
    Did you know that one of the singers in that group in later years played Festus on Gunsmoke?

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    This is not my beautiful home!
    This is not my beautiful wife!

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    Through the Looking Glass

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    Bella LaGoosie

    (I helped raise Bella and her sister Lucy)

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    (That's me waking up to the alarm clock)

    G'mornink to Ezzerywuns,

    I've already downed the first cup of coffee and could still go back to sleep...ahh, but it is not to be.
    Working 10 AM-3:30 PM today.
    Gonna be cloudy, 84 degrees and HU-MID-AS-HAY-ULL (86%!!!), but with no rain to wring out the air.

    Reckon I'll take my patient to the Mall to hunt for a purse, as she says the one she is using now is toooo small. Then lunch. Later, I drop her off at for a test which will hopefully give them a medical dx for her difficulties. A few folks are convinced it is all in her mind, but y'know that doesn't mean the symptoms she feels aren't real and genuinely painful. CM will meet us at the lab and be there w/ her through the tests, then take her home.

    Three days off after that, mmmmm!!

    Have to leave in about 20 min. so I have to get ready...Will check back in w/ you'n's later!

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    Goodness gracious, you don't mean it?
    Heaven's to Mergatroid!