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    Gosh, do you think it might be because everyone has all the answers? Did somebody get a hold of the teacher's Answer Sheet?

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    'with a banjo on my knee'

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    I spilled kerosene in the trunk of my new car once, and the carpeting reeked. Bought two small bags of cheap, store-brand coffee grounds and shook out the grounds to cover the small trunk's recently doused area. Then I closed the car, did not drive the next day, and the following day when I opened the car door....mmm,mmmm, just that lovely smell of fresh coffee grounds was all I could detect. Never a hint of kerosene ever again!

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    The Chambers Brothers

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    I had Hyper-Attention Disorder, soaked in it, aware with every cell in my brain, extremely self-conscious, it was horrible.

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    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    We all bulk up a bit as we age.
    Unfortunately many of us have the hunks/lumps/bulges in different places of our anatomy,so they don't count as 'muscles'.

    I'm going through another 'Unbulking Attempt'.

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    I worked for a podiatrist in 1988. What herring says to do is exactly what you should do. They can take x-rays, they can 'cast' your sole to make orthotics to go in your shoes, and I know they must have more tricks, and better materials now. They can help you find something to make being on your feet more tolerable.

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    This is TRUE:

    On a gravestone in Wetumpka, Alabama----

    "Henry Ritter Emma Ritter Dema Ritter
    Sweetpotato Creamatartar Carolina
    Bostec Catlen

    --daughter of Bob and Sukey Catlen

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    Quote from brownbook
    "To keep your nervous system from exhausting itself with continuous stimuli, the receptors experience temporary sensory fatigue, or olfactory adaptation. Odor receptors stop sending messages to the brain about a lingering odor after a few minutes and instead focus on novel smells."

    The above is a quote from Mental Floss a magazine article. I know about 20 years ago I heard similar advice from a legitimate doctor call in show. It may be because I believe it that it works, (placebo effect?), but I take a few intentional deep breaths through my nose. It seems to work.
    Mental Floss is a great magazine; I get it on line now, but I much preferred the printed issues, which they don't do anymore.

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Marky Mark.
    Yeah, well, not no more! He's quite the muscled hunk now!

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    (as in "I am OVA you, so scram, buster!")

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    Good advice and entertaining, too.
    My first car was a '67 Chevy and it ran on abuse. Nobody had ever told me about changing the oil and all the etc's you mentioned. It'd get done when a problem came up. I was woefully ignorant and it is a thousand wonders it lasted as long as it did. And even after I sold it for $100, I saw it two years later in a parking lot, so it was still being driven. I recognized it because I'd super-glued the rear-view mirror at an unusual angle, and the license plate over the gas cap was still rigged with the same wire I'd used to keep the plate up. Gotta love those old mechanical cars. (I want to say "Chevy's", but don't want the Ford-fanatics to start up a ruckus here)

    Phooey on computer-dependent transportation; I think it is ridiculous to have to pay to have a car hooked up to a machine just to find out what the problem is. But I digress.

    I did learn how to change a tire because I got a flat at 11:30 PM on an old, not very traveled, country back-road, so I got out in the rain and learned how to do it right then and there. Good confidence builder, but I was still as dumb as a creek rock about how cars functioned, and that they might require something other than gas!

    A commute the length of yours would've found me working for a pittance closer to home. Whew!

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    On one hand, life's a 'beyotch' and hardly ever fair.
    On the other hand, I think about that homeless woman who put herself through Harvard while living in her car.

    Good Luck, OP. I wish you well.