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Hi! Thanks for checking out my page. I've been a member of allnurses since Apr 8th, '11. I have no blogs or journals to follow, but you are welcome to find me on the threads I follow, where I love humor and silliness to counter the seriousness of life. Feel free to chime in. Currently work PD/Geriatrics.

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    Quote from Grace Oz
    Just don't visit Oz and tell a woman to "sit on your Fanny!".....
    I feel dumb as a bucket of rocks, like I have skipped over or missed something here, but what's the translation/meaning of the above statement in Oz?

    [I could teach you how to ask, "How's your belly-button?", but that's as 'fresh' or racy as I can get in the Finnish‚Äč language.]

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    G'morning Tweety, BCg, Joe, Steph, and Davey! Same to all who follow along throughout the day!

    I haven't been on line much this last week . . ."much"? . . . heck, I haven't been on line AT ALL until now. Happy to see some 'new' (to me) oldies back in this thread. Steph,,,you said the other day that we have two Aussies here. Well, I know Sabby isn't living in Australia, but doesn't she count as Aussie,too?

    I've just been working and then enjoying being a slacker on my days off. We are having several weeks of weather in the 60 degree range, a lot of rain is predicted (which we sorely need) but it is sunny this morning.

    I have to go out and get my grocery shopping done. I'll be back later!

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    Good Evening!

    I remembered what I forgot in yesterday's GM thread, and that was an answer to Far'wyn's question: No, hubby is not working; about every other week he goes down to visit w/ his mom for 4-5 days and help her out. (Win-win-win, ie it works out well for all three of us.)

    Gads, it was almost HOT today, especially by comparison with 5 days ago. I went out to put a bunch of papers in the recycling bin and it was 68 degrees! It was cooler inside the house!

    Back to work tomorrow. As much as I like my patients and my job, lately I have found myself less enthusiastic when Friday rolls around and my three day schedule is about to begin. Vermin Poop!

    Gotta stop for now, the doggers are ganging up on me. Sperled brats!

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    Quote from FranEMTnurse
    doodlebug [IMG][/IMG]
    My little Pippy's full name is "Pippy Doodle-Head." aka "Pipsy", "Pipper", etc.


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    Flashback to sometime circa 1950's, song: "I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch. . . " (?)

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    Evenin' y'all,

    Local TV news and weather was pretty funny tonight, though not intentionally.

    "Today's weather is being very impactful" (in such-and-such part of the country.) It's become the easy out from having to decide between effect and affect.

    And: "there are issues on the road because of". . .Can't they just say that there was an accident? Roads don't have issues, fer cryin' out loud! But the funniest thing was when they put up the screen that list the highs and lows for the coming 7 days. Do you know that on Wednesday next week the high will be 575 degrees? I reckon someone's finger stuttered while typing in the numbers.

    When I was reading aloud the list of things on TV tonight, my tang got tonguled and I said, "Boast Gusters". Don't reckon I'm the first one whose done that, it just was peculiar to hear it coming out of my mouth.

    There was something else I wanted to tell you, but I missed that exit; guess I'll be back later if it comes around again!

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    I'm so sleepy I wold love to be able to crawl back into bed and close my eyes . . .

    I posted, or tried to, last night. I dawdled quite a while between paragraphs I was typing , and my 'window time expired', so the page that came up told me I had to reload, and that cleared the post entirely. Phooey!

    Today: dogs to the groomer at 10 am, followed by some quick errand running, then pick up the dogs. Husband will arrive home this afternoon.

    Edited to add: I read this quote and had to share it:
    "There's no such thing as a tough child. If you parboil them first for seven hours, they always come out tender." (W.C.Fields)

    Y'all have a good one!

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    Quote from Davey Do
    Quite honestly I can't say that I have. My mustache is not as long as yours, and I never wear scrubs.

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    Didn't the Rolling Stones have a line like that in one of their songs?...(So come on, come on, Sweet Virginia) "got to shake that dew right off my..." oh, that was something else, stuff very like - but not - mud. And shoes.
    Oh. That's very different.
    Never mind.
    Emily Latella

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    Remember when pitbulls were considered good kid's dogs? Remember the one in Little Rascals?
    When I (infrequently) watch 'Pitbulls and Paroles' it breaks my heart.
    If I were to get a pitbull I would be required to take a LOT of grief, make our fence higher, and couldn't walk the dog in public without a harness/leash and muzzle. I guess, given the past trend (I hope it is past!) of breeding these dogs to live up to the 'killer-attack-watch-dogs' sobriquet, it is a good idea to be cautious. But, still...some of them really ARE sweeties, you know.

    the word is REPUTATION

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    Yeah, okay, I got that in the first place: sled/snow (I still think that movie was highly over-rated). I thought maybe there was some OTHER reason that "rosebud" was cited. But I see now that the reference was merely quotidian.

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    Good Morning! I knocked all the foot-long icicles off the edges of the overhang while waiting for my coffee to brew.

    No trouble with getting to work yesterday and, was even able to take my lady-up-on-the-mountain OFF the mountain to get groceries and eat a meal out at our favorite Greasy Spoon (diner). This pt only has 12 hr day shift help, but the aide had been there since Friday morning, poor thing. I drove her down to her car; she had parked below and walked all the way up to the patient's house.

    By the end of my shift (9pm) all the wet roads had re-frozen. Her gated community had previously poured on the salt, but there were still large areas of black ice and packed down snow on their roads.

    It is all down-hill from her house but I was determined I could do it safely; HAD to get home, as the doggers were alone for 13 hours. I just put it (automatic) in LOW gear and crawled down the roads at 4 to 5 miles per hour. Easy-peasy! The main roads were a cinch, but the road to my house was another downhill skating rink, so I repeated the low gear/5 mph crawl. Had to leave the van at the bottom of the drive, but at least it is out of the road.

    The current temp is 37, but the sun is valiantly shining and it is supposed to get up to a tropical 42 degrees, so things are definitely melting. Will go out later to retrieve my two previously lost-under-the-snow newspapers, my mail, and get dog food, coffee and paper towels at the store.

    Will straighten up the house, clean out the fridge, and just putter around. Likely to do a lot of lounging as well. Hubby will be back from his visit to his mom either tomorrow or Thursday. Doggers go to the groomer on Thursday morning, they sorely need to be cleaned up; can't even see Ozzy's eyes!

    OK, all for now; will be back later and check in again on you other desperadoes and desperabucks. (aren't I the clever thing this morning!)

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    I spent 2 days in hospital once, with a name/ID band that had my last name spelled wrong, making it another name entirely. Every time I told someone their response was "Oh, okay. Well be sure to tell the next person, too."

    What, someone can't type my CORRECT last name on another name band and replace this one?? Geeez!
    I must say, I found it quite worrisome.