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    Quote from toomuchbaloney

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    sharpeimom, tmb obviously only does his laundry in the creek, using a rock as a scrubbing-board.


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    Quote from Mudpinesredneck
    My current driving setup

    Bolt cutters
    Jumper cables
    Slime tire patch
    2 spare quarts, Royal Purple 5W30 oil
    Siphon hose

    Toolbox with:

    Extra fuses
    Stripper set for various wiring
    butt connectors 22GA/16CAL
    Screwdrivers and drill bits
    Krazy glue
    Duct tape
    Inflatable gas can

    My laptop bag
    School books
    Gym bag with 2 days worth of clothing + jackets
    Dog blanket, extra dog food
    -20 sleeping bag

    3 days of food in MRE's
    Water, silcock key, water filters
    3 gallons of water + half gallon of sweet tea
    Some easily microwavable food
    Extra smokes and a pint of fireball
    Fishing kit
    Rope for making traps and snares
    Travel hammock, camo color
    Extra 550 cord
    N95 respirator masks
    Flint and steel
    9v battery, steel wool
    Waterproof matches
    16 inch machete that will cut a tree branch like a hot knife through butter
    Stove and mess kit
    2 Nalgene bottles

    First aid seriously, I can do gunshot wound surgery out the back of my SUV

    Caterpillar battery pack + jumpstarter and air compressor

    Baofeng UV-82HP Transceiver that also picks up EMS/LE/Fire/pretty much anything 2 meter 440, and FM radio as well

    Backup phone, loaded with offline maps, SOAP note, CPR rhythm app, and a list of food sources, backroads I know about, and repair manual for my car

    If that ain't prepped for the winter, or the zombie acopalypse I don't know what is...

    Everday carry...

    Keys with CPR shield, flash drive loaded with operating systems and portable apps, handcuff key (Yes, I trained for E&E)
    Smith and Wesson Border Guard II with seatbelt cutter and glass breaker
    Wallet. Going to get a ITS Tactical lock pick kit
    My beloved Copenhagen wintergreen
    Bandanna, tourniquet/mask impromptu
    Leatherman Wave multitool
    Paracord bracelet with ferricium rod
    Keep another spare knife in my boot as well
    You are WAY, WAY beyond being a Scout and being prepared! You are handier than a side-pocket and better than sliced bread! (Southern-isms)
    I am completely and totally impressed, and by those standards I shouldn't even ever be driving a car under any conditions anywhere at all for any reason!

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    Davey and Jacob look so mild and innocent standing there with their hands folded. HA!

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    Ms. Chief --- Feminism at work in the Native American Nation

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    ( PS: That white furry thang in your avatar ain't no sharpei. I can tell. I be smart like t'at. But, now, the little black and white bundle, curled up in the bed behind the cat?...That MIGHT be a bebe it?)

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    Good, common sense advice for a hot-button issue.

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    Quote from amoLucia
    NSIME - must be the same story I saw.

    And re that dog with the loooong name. By any chance was he a purebred, pedigree show dog? They seem to name those dogs with long names. I guess it has something to do with their sires.
    Well, fact of the matter was the dog was a 2 year old scruffy mutt who adopted this person, and they felt he should have a very important, impressive name so he could walk proudly among other dogs knowing he was just as good as,if not better than, any high-falutin' purebred. But they called him "Ed" because he was modest, noble, and "a real 'normal' good guy."

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