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Hi! Thanks for checking out my page. I've been a member of allnurses since Apr 8th, '11. I have no blogs or journals to follow, but you are welcome to find me on the threads I follow, where I love humor and silliness to counter the seriousness of life. Feel free to chime in. Currently work PD/Geriatrics.

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    Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la! Good Afternoon!

    Well, I'm not gay but in 1982 when I stayed on campus through the summer break, three (count'em, 1-2-3!) students 'came out', one of which was my best friend at the time! I wasn't totally surprised, but I didn't really care.
    If someone is not in my bed having sex with me, then I don't care what their gender inclinations are.
    So, since those 3 and I hung out together that summer, I was claimed an Honorary Lesbian. When school started up again, we were all on our way down to the big field for the traditional bonfire, joined hands and began skipping. Earlier we had been laughing about how maybe they all caught a virus that summer? Also,how funny it was for me to be assumed gay because of my friends being gay; guilt by association. Anyway, as we were skipping I began singing out a chant, "We're queer! We're queer! We're queer!"...because I thought it was funny! And oddly enough it embarrassed all of THEM! But that Christmas I got a gift, a pretty turquoise /silver necklace with two letters etched on the back: "W.Q."
    So, that's MY true confession. Solidarity!

    It seems all I am doing these days is catching up with the GM threads; I miss several days at a time and I miss y'all.

    And right now I have to stop this post because I have an appt w/ our "Financial Advisor" ! Hahahahahahaha! But no, seriously! A guy we spoke w/ several months ago is starting his own (new) office, y'know, Edward Jones. Anyway, even though we currently have no savings, no retirement fund, no NUTHIN', we do owe it to ourselves to look into the future, what with eventual inheritance $$ and insurances future beneficiariness. Oh, and OF COURSE, when I win the BIG$ from Publishers Clearing House! Or even MEGA Millions, for which I will buy one ticket today. Because, oh yeah, I believe I am THE one in 70 trillion-gazillion odds who could very well win. My entries glow and have an electrical/magnetic attraction that shines above all the rest, urging, "Pick ME!". So, you see, it's in the bag.....MY bag!
    *Fingers, eyes, toes and arms/legs all crossed!*

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    Pardon me for backing up here, but "fish wheel"? A wheel made of fish? The first thing that came to my mind was bicycle tires composed of fish and what a dismal failure trying to ride THAT bicycle would be! Leaving a trail of guts, bone and scales and the most gawdawful smell behind you...

    But picking up from sharpeimom's 'Don Quixote', my response, you gotta know, is Man of LaMancha

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    Yeah, you're right. There is that fun banter that is fun because it IS going nowhere.

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    Hey! I think I've just been insulted by a complement, it being a lie and all. Hmmm...

    The poster above me wanted to name his last two grand-kids, who coincidentally were twins, a boy and a girl. He could not fathom why or how his children could NOT want to name their twins Bartholomew and Hepzibah! "Can you even imagine!!!" he keeps saying over and over, shaking his head slowly, as if dazed.

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    I don't believe I ever ate the green stuff; I vaguely remember it being...d'Oh...supposedly not healthy for you, but I think it was an old wive's tale or something, don't you?

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    Quote from FranEMTnurse
    Will you answer please?
    I know you aren't asking me.(...are you?) But just in case, yes, I have 6 or 7 Bibles, I am familiar w/ John1:1, and I can't quite figure out how, that is, I'm not sure of a way to make that into a question, am/can I?

    goony- isn't it amazing that you can type in 'lobster anatomy' on a search-engine and see that a site from Maine has a labeled cross-section of a lobster which shows the anus at the back-end-underside, just before where the plates fantail, and back behind the 'swimletts'? Yessssss, lobtahs have 'swimletts' which look like miniature legs and function as independent little rudders, kinda-sorta; unless you have a better way to describe them?

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    The poster above me thinks 'propensity' refers to how the population of an enthusiastic Urban burgh really supports its local industry in which the primary employment opportunity is manufacturing writing implements, hence, it is a

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    Fish, or cut bait!

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    Leavin' on a jet plane?
    oh babe,
    wish *I* could go.... (a little paraphrasing there...)

    That's ok, a staycation is awright by me; seems like lately I've not had much time for just lolling about, so I am really enjoying this stretch of time off.

    Well, actually, I have to "work" tomorrow, but it is the job where I hang out w/ the lady on the mtn., go out to eat lunch; drive somewhere or anywhere, and later, go out to eat supper. (smh; hourly pay, mileage pay, and 2 free meals. And the client is so much fun to hang around with. Gotta love it.)


    Windy all day yesterday and last night, still windy today and though the sun is shining, it is a good bit cooler. I am wearing a cotton-jersey turtleneck and a henley of the same weight. Once seated here on the sofa for a while, I realized I am kind of ...not exactly chilly, but not hardly what you'd call warm, either. The winds are sucking the warmth from the house, but I'll be galldurrrnt if I'll touch that thermostat! Where's my lap-blanket?

    A newly discovered taste treat: Vanilla yogurt and soft, chewy black-licorice sticks. Yum. Now I didn't say i was healthy , especially if you are no-carb-ing or eliminating sugar. To whit: Licorice ingredient list reads (partially) thusly...
    Molasses (sugar)
    Cane Syrup (sugar)
    Glucose Syrup (sugar)
    Wheat Flour (which contains, yes, sugar)
    ...and several other ingredients which have <2% sugar content
    And the upshot is: (drum rolllllll)
    30g Carbos
    20g Sugar
    and lest we forget another demon of flavoring:
    45mg Sodium!

    5 (five, count'em) pieces, measuring ~ 2"L x 2/3" diam., constitute a serving. I am over the limit.
    But, I promise I won't drive in this condition.

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    It isn't actually CLOTHING, per se; it is painted on them to LOOK like clothing. I am most proud of the bride and groom clothing. Painting seed-pearls and tatted-lace on an ant is an exacting art.


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    I've seen generic greeting cards before. One said "Have a day"; another one said, "Hope you are feeling".

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    The thing is, how can flirting be a prophylactic? I would think it might be an inflammatoriator.
    For example, there is the rock song: "One Thing Leads To Another".

    Yeah, well, maybe it isn't a cause'n'effect thing, but still, is flirting meant to DIS-courage someone?

    I s'pose it could all be in the facial expression and the tone of voice:
    "You have udderly large mammary's for a male; here, let me take off my bra and see if it fits you..."

    Insult, or A Flirting Come-On?

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    It is the weekend and I am not working. It is 12:17 PM. Is it a Happy Hour?
    But I am an impostor on this thread because I'm drinking coffee ('cause it is almost chilly outside.)

    Cipro=sip/row: what sculling crew does on a cold day.

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    Want to hear something weird but true?
    Did you know that lobsters' bladders are in the heads?
    Does that mean they have 5hiyitt for brains?
    Don't ya reckon that may be the reason we eat lobster TAILS?