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Hi! Thanks for checking out my page. I've been a member of allnurses since Apr 8th, '11. I have no blogs or journals to follow, but you are welcome to find me on the threads I follow, where I love humor and silliness to counter the seriousness of life. Feel free to chime in. Currently work PD/Geriatrics.

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    Yoweee, I actually found some shoes within the first 1/2 hr of my day,which is amazing and thrilling, because shopping for shoes is a particular torture for me. ( also got 2 pairs of pants that are lighter weight than what I have been wearing to work). It will be good to have them to wear to work. My tiny-90 doesn't like too much AC, and I walk the dog at least 3 x a day. This disgusting weather makes it not such a pleasure, but when a dog's gotta go, a dog's gotta go.

    Yeah, Tweety, Al Anon's meetings have been helpful for me. Once again the hubster has started back with the vodka. He had laid off, or at least drank less for the last month or so. I am doing well at detachment, but sometimes I hold my breath thinking he's going to fall again. I think that him not being able to work is just a disaster waiting to happen. He's overweight from lack of activity, is on meds for high BP and some prescribed (strong) meds for chronic knee pain. Great mix with the booze huh? Falling? A Stroke? a Heart attack? I will be so very pissed off if that happens! What he was officially retired? Is he going to spend every day at home getting snockered? Dumb question. As with most, he thinks and says he does NOT have a 'problem' with alcohol. At least he doesn't get grouchy and mean like my dad did, but it is pretty damn TE-Di-OUS. Glad that I can work 12 hr shifts and get out of the house.

    MY life is percolating along nicely, I lost the 7 lbs I had put back on and that makes me feel very good. I actually got a real in-person phone call from my younger brother in California who can be and has been uncommunicative with all siblings for a year or so. My sister and I began referring to him as "that guy out in California; rumor has it that he is somehow related to us. Do you suppose he is even still alive?" Guess whatever he has been going through ( he is very private) has lightened up because he sounded more like his old, normal self than he has in a while.

    So, I have been 67 for a whole 24 1/4 hours now. Doesn't feel too different. I remain optimistic in spite of everything, even if I don't always sound like it.

    Probably won't be back online until Monday afternoon or Tuesday. Have a great weekend everyone!

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    Yes, nursefrances, where were YOU, and what happened?

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    milk bubbles coming out a baby's nose

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    The "back story" mentioned by the poster above me is actually tattoo'd on tmb's back, written in Sanskrit; it was done in the Ambulatory Surgery, where they really do make patient's walk while the surgery is being performed

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    Mighty likely she got an STD...or two! You could probably tell she was pretty free and easy from the anecdote, couldn't you? It's been at least 20 years or more; wouldn't you bet she's become a flat-foot-floozy? Mebbe gone outta biznezz, so to speak. Do you know, the first time I ever heard her say that I 'bout had to scrape my chin up off the floor; wouldn't you?

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    When "it" gets piled higher and deeper, it's time to:


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    Good Morning

    When I called the automated teller for my paycheck deposit I got a lovely surprise...48 hours, 12 of which were holiday time, plus the mileage I racked up ... YOW!
    That means I can go buy SHOES this morning. My most comfortable OLD Reeboks have gone past wearability, being as how the soles are separating from the uppers. Before they gave up the ghost, those were the shoes I switched to when the chiropractor at my clinic told me shoes with an enclosed heel might help the shin splint pain decrease. Boy, howdy, was he ever right. Once I started wearing them, that pain DISAPPEARED completely, AND my knee quit giving me such a fit. I still get some very mild discomfort from the knee and hip, but really it is only a faint shadow of what it had been!

    Won't be going to the Chinese restaurant today for a free birthday lunch, because they quit offering that. Oh well. And since I will be working for the next three days, I have to do some errands that won't wait until next Tuesday.Thank goodness the van has terrific AC 'cause it's gonna be 90+ all weekend and then 'cooler' after that....ya, like 88 degrees. Woooot!

    I'm going to head out and get things done so I can get back home before I can fry an egg on the sidewalk.

    Be back later on. Hope everyone's day goes well, shoulders and tummy's included

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    Thank you all for my birthday wishes!

    In another hour and 15 minutes I will officially, 100% 67 years old.
    (I was born 15 minutes before midnight.)

    There's a good possibility I will be asleep by then, so please hold all my calls and cancel the fireworks!

    G'night all!

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    I hear the whistling of Lassie's theme-song in my head; it harmonizes well with the high-pitched squeal and sound of summer-night crickets I have as a 24/7 internal sound-track to my life.

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    Quote from FranEMTnurse
    OH please help me, My doctor told me [IMG][/IMG]What can I do?
    Oh FranEM! I laughed myself silly at this one!
    But, how can I laugh myself to somewhere I already am​? One of life's mysteries I guess.

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    I am finding more and more people who share my birthday! Steph's growing-up-fast son, Spidey, L'smom's mom, and the mother of my CSR at the office, and one or two more who I've heard of but can't remember just now.
    Happy Birthday to ALL of us! And a very merry UN-birthday to the rest of you lot!

    BCg, I am jealous that you get to go to Good Harbor Beach, not especially because I want to go to the beach myself; don't care much for the crowds, and I stopped sunning when I was 27 because my skin gets goose-bump chills and breaks out in an itchy rash after sun-bathing, especially on my chest. ( Maybe I'm 'lergic from the extensive un-sun-blocked exposure to the sun as a child.) But I just really like the place; beaches have such a beachy smell. Sounds dumb, if you haven't ever lived near the ocean, but I'm sure most of you know the salty winds carry some kind of magical mood enhancers, like the kind you find at the bottom of waterfalls! Ions! [I think the negative ions are the ones that make ya feel good, yes?]
    When last I was on that beach it was a cold and windy, an early November day...but even then there were lots of folks come out to walk the beach. My dog at the time was just thrilled with the beach and really, really, REALLY wanted to chase the sea-gulls, many of which were as big as him, and he was a medium sized 40 lb dog.
    When I stole that rock from off the Eastern Shore road, I also picked up some feathers, dried seaweed, a bit of worn-smooth driftwood and sand , plus a little mussel shell and some teeny-tiny Chamber of Nautilus-looking things, along with some dune grasses. It is all artfully arranged in a plexiglas box which is set in front of the book w/ the picture of the big house on the cover. It makes me feel good every time I look at it.

    Tweety, Um...6 to 8 weeks MINIMUM is always what I heard about those major joint surgeries.
    I know when I got the cast off of my well- broken ankle (tri-malleolar fx and tendon bundle tear) I cried because the calf muscle was GONE, and I still couldn't drive (manual transmission). Plus, insult of all insults, I had to use a walker for a few weeks longer. The walker was because , though I have taught many people how to use crutches, I practically killed myself three times in one day while using them.

    Joe, We still have a landline, mainly because I refuse to conduct business on a cell-phone or the computer. Yes, I know, lots have folks have told me that's stupid, but I don't care. I DO like having a landline that answers after four rings and we hear the cold anonymous voice saying "We are not available to take your call; please leave a message. Thank-you."
    I love NOT answering the phone when it rings! Most of the callers hang up w/o leaving a message (probably robo-calls); hubby's doc's office and his pharmacy call to leave messages on that line, as HE does not want them to have access to his cell-phone. I know, we are a funny bunch.

    StNeo, I can't stand it that folks have to wait so long for a Dr's is ridiculous for people to have to put their ailments on hold, like that's even possible or advisable much of the time. What are they thinking?

    herring, you are such a dedicated exerciser; have you always been that way or what? There are two lines in the dirt behind me, from dragging my feet, and two deep gouges in front of me from digging in my heels!

    Today I am catching up on my newspaper reading and the daily crossword puzzles which have been sadly neglected of late. The cases I had prior to the two I'm working now were fraught with long stretches of time in which I had to occupy myself; now I am busy and engaged in all sorts of activities.

    Toodley-doo! Talk with y'en's later!

    P.S. ((((Far'wyn)))) Miss you.

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    The dreaded Lucy Van Pelt

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    Quote from BCgradnurse
    WBCN!!! And I did listen to WBZ and WMEX! Good Harbor is one of my favorite beaches. The cold water doesn't bother me.
    YES! WBCN!!! Thank you! I first heard "Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers" (on WBCN) who later became The Car Guys (Don't drive like my brother!) which became "Car Talk" and was broadcast far beyond the Greater Boston Area.

    We used to call the DJ's at WBZ all the time, I had a crush of Jefferson Kaye; and my friend and I formed the Gary LaPierre Fan Club formally named "The National Society for the Preservation and Betterment of the Name of Gary LaPierre Fans" aka The NSPBNGLF...because there were once some goofy skanks there in the station lobby who claimed to be the G L'P Fan Club. HA! We found them just horrifying! Thus 'the preservation and betterment' part of the club's name.
    We'd go visit the radio station on Sundays and hang around the station in the back, with 'the guys'. Others were confined to the lobby and a short visit from the on-air guy at the time; we got to go back into the employees lounge and the broadcasting studios and newsroom. It was so much fun and we were just 'too cool for school', doncha know.

    Good Harbor beach parking lot was one of the big make-out spots at night!

    I used to fantasize about living in the big house up on the huge rock at the right side of the beach, above and beyond where the river fed in to the tidewater areas. I used to just die of curiosity, longing to see the inside of that house and wanting to be on the top floor looking down on the beach and over the shore.
    I have a book about the area that shows that house on the dust jacket. As a matter of fact I have it on a bookcase shelf in my room, propped up facing out, so I can see that picture! I even stole a grapefruit size rock, worn smooth by it's travels in the ocean. It is now illegal to take any rocks from the Eastern Shore Drive...but when I was up there last, oh gosh, forever ago, I blatantly broke that law. I HAD to have a piece of the Eastern Shore as a reminder of my old stomping grounds, to bring back to my home in the mountains.

    At Good Harbor, we stood in the water until our feet got numb, then walk further in up to our knees and wait for them to get numb, then further until it was just below the stomach, until THAT was numb. Then we'd work up our nerve to take the plunge; when that water hit your belly, your diaphragm would go into shock. Emerging from a total dunk made you draw your breath in very sharply! It sure cooled you off after a time of broiling in the hot sun!

    We sometimes would go to Wingersheik (sp?) Beach (we kids called it Wingle-Sheep) on the other side of town, the riverside, where the water was warmer. We usually went there for a quick dip in the evening of a weekday. We also went to the drive-in theater there off 128.

    We had Chebacco Lake to swim at, but it often had leeches, which really creeped me out. Chebacco made for better ice-skating in the winter. Once it froze 4 ft thick!

    And when I lived in Newburyport I loved to go out the road to the bird sanctuary...7 miles of beach with very, very, very few people! You could see Crane's Beach and on up the shore from there. I remember they only let so many cars in and then if you wanted to go in you had to wait for somebody to come out.

    YIKES! I have had such a fun time reminiscing that suddenly it is 2 AM! Good thing I am off tomorrow and Friday!
    Good Night/Morning!