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    Quote from ProgressiveThinking
    Just wondering what everyone's perspective is on this. The average RN is 45 y/o, and shortages seem to be cyclical. Do you believe that over-saturation of the market with new grad nurses will obliterate the long-term shortage? the economy continues to show signs of improvement (slowly, but is), will nurses leave the profession like they did before the economy tanked?

    This article does a good job of putting things into perspective:
    I happen to think that the "shortage" was nothing but contrived media propaganda in the late 1990s, which was hyped up by our government, depts of labor and industry, hospitals and nursing homes, physician offices and outpatient facilities, to create an illusion of a job solid, well paying career path. It was so contrived and untrue that we now have a market saturation problem. Evidence, Doctors office in PA needs PT LPN, $12.00 per hour, no benefits.