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  • Dec 4 '17

    I can think of 2 instances when I gave 2 weeks notice and was then told not to show up for work. Employers use a resignation letter to retaliate against the employee. I have heard of this happening to many nurses, CNA's etc. The "not eligible for re-hire" question is so broadly abused by employers that its credence is diminshed. References can make or break your job search. Many places are now requesting references that are not former employers because former employers only give out dates of employment. The "eligible for re-hire" question is either checked off or not, but is not even a credible measure of any performance review or lack therof. Hospitals and SNFs are famous for blackballing former nurses. They are so famous for it that I have had to take certain jobs off of my resume, therefore having experience but not being able to disclose it. This is a major problem across the nursing profession, as every single one of my colleages has had to deal with this at one point or another.