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  • Nov 29

    Not sure what QED is supposed to mean, but if it is an attempt to heckle a horrible experience, then look in the mirror and laugh at yourself please. I have found some of the most gruesome people enter this field, and fester inside of it forever. I am thanking god that will never be me. I am not financially tied down to nursing like some of the bitter bitter nurses I have crossed paths with in my career. Some advice to you, read the original article and take a look at yourself. I dont need to be eaten alive off the job as well.

  • Nov 29

    Still not sure who you are. This is the reason the author of the article posted it on this blog. The behavior of the nurses in management and leadership today is reprehensible and has to stop. They cement their own jobs by throwing co-workers right under the bus for no reason at all. What you didnt know was that the Director who humiliated me was also fired. I was supposed to be the new manager, and my manager to be new Director. I posted my experience to demonstrate that this is indeed a problem.