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    I got accepted to program starting Fall Flex II, Oct 22nd.

    Quote from Leixa
    Hey Everyone! I just wanted to ask, I checked back on the website about the application cut off dates for the coming fall semester. It states there that the emails (acceptance letters anyone?) will be sent out by February 29th.

    Did anyone got an email from the program? Also, I am taking my last prerequisite class - Microbiology, this Spring semester. After this, I'm done with all the prerequisites. Will they consider me as a candidate for the program? I've read some students were turned down because they still haven't finished all their prerequisites before applying to the program.

    Anyone who can share their own thoughts? Thanks guys! I would really appreciate it!

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    To: tawillia:

    How is the program going for you? I am looking into just now and am excited about it. I cant believe there is an actual program like this.

    What year are you in? Can you share any information about the program, please? PROS & CONS....


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    Congrats on getting an interview wish you luck. I am inquiring about the program now and hope to get into it.

    How did your interview go? If you dont mind sharing. The website does not have too much information, so if you found out any other good information worth sharing please, do so I would like to know what else you learned about the program.


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    To texasshyles:

    I am looking at this eline program myself and am excited to find that someone has actually graduated from the program successfully it sounds like.

    I have some questions if you do not mind answering them for me.

    1. What is the cost of these classes?
    2. How many classes do you take in a semester?
    3. I see there are "modules" within a class, can you explain more about them?
    4. How many students do they accept to this eline program?
    5. I live in SA, TX and have about four other friends that are thinking of doing it, in your opinion would it be a good idea for all of us to do it together? I would think so b/c we could study and help one another right?
    6. Were clinicals like any other clinicals? Meaning since your school is in another city and clinicals are in another city.....did nurses in the hospital treat you any different? did you feel behind the curve at all?

    Thank you very much and hope to get in. Hope to hear from you soon we are ALL excited about finding this program.