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    Yup, I'll be in school this summer ...taking 11 credits and working full time.

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    Quote from GirlDotson
    I hate to tell you, but no one is unsearchable. There are numerous sites that can tell where you live, your home and cell number, your age, where you were born, what schools you attended, and plethera of other things. If you payed a bill one time, had a landline in your name, graduateed from clas of --, were ever married or divirced...You are searchable. Even my 14 year old daughter is searchable. Sort of scary.
    Quote from CuriousMe
    I've looked at a number of those sites....all the information was wrong (the closest one of the sites got was where I lived 20+ years ago the rest didn't even have that). As long as you take reasonable measures with your data as far as giving it out, the risk is minimal.
    Quote from CuriousMe
    Censoring is really just about using common sense. There's things you'd say to your friends in confidence, sitting in your kitchen that you may not say at a wedding reception filled with your friends and family. It's just about remembering who you're talking to.

    As for "giving my data to FB" all they have is my name and e-mail address...and I control what they send to the e-mail address, I'm not worried.

    Yes, you're "searchable" through public records but what I meant is no one can tell me they know what I did the other day, what I like to eat, how someone ****** me off at work or how I dress on the weekend. No one but my actual friends (real life not fb friends). Also, there's always the debate about what type of account you keep. Do you have only family, only friends, coworkers? Do people feel bad when you don't accept them? Also, many say they use it so people can find them like old friends, classmates...but then they say you can use a fake name...that defeats the purpose a bit.

    I just don't need that. I have bigger fish to fry.

    I am not going to make this a debate on whether FB is a good idea or bad, I am simply saying I find it useless and a total waste of time. It makes it's money of marketing based on what you like and the data you give it and I just chose not to participate.

    And yes, you can censor what you'd say however we're not talking about private one on one conversations with your best friend. I'm talking about having to filter things like what you did this weekend, what you drank, how overwhelmed you are, who you argued with, or general rants that people tend to post on FB and the people who get to read it.

    Suppose you skipped work to study and your boss finds out because of FB or you skipped school to sleep because you were too overwhelmed. It's just to much "what if". And if there is no posting of things like those details then it's not real life so again, I find no point.

    Too much drama and time wasted for me. I find many that are just plain addicted to FB and what new updates and pics people posted.

    AGAIN, you don't have to agree but I am sure I am not the only one out there who chooses to stay away.

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    Have you heard back yet? Are you able to call them?

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    Ummm...sorry and please don't take offense but I have taken MANY drug tests and ALL will have you sit down there and pee again. If you leave they contact the employer. They will accept a second specimen only if you remain there.

    It just seems odd that they didn't offer that option.

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    Quote from magichospital
    I am currently studying to become a RN nurse and I was wondering, once you're already in the field (not while in school or applying for school/jobs, filing taxes, etc. I expect a lot of paper work for those) how much paper work do you have to do on the job? Part of the reason why I chose to become a nurse in the first place is because I pictured it being more physical work and working directly with patients as opossed to doing tons of paper work and technical filing (Isn't that the doctor's,medical assistant's,medical biller/coder's job?). I just read a post from a LVN (I know RN and LVN aren't the same thing but, they are similar in some ways) and he complained about how much paper work he had to do as a LVN. I really would like to avoid paper work as much as possible and I was wondering if this is something I have to put up with when I go into the field? I really hope I get more time with patients and other things when I become a nurse rather then be buried to my elbows in paper. Thanks

    Oh, and if it makes a difference my goal is to work in the N.I.C.U as either an RN or NP (with focus in Neonatal care).


    I would post this in the General RN program so you can get more answers from working RN's. Most of us are pre-rn students like you.

    Anyway, I'll give you the answer I think is most true.

    There is paperwork but most is moving towards being electronically entered like charts and such. It all depends where you work (not unit but whether it's a large hospital or small clinic). There will be paperwork regardless. Patients have files and you need to document what you see or what you've done.

    And, no it's not so much medical coding and billing, dr's or medical assistants, cna etc's job. It is also part of their job but not just their job. No one will do it for you in other words. They have their own to do.

    No matter where you go in the medical field you are likely to have some documenting that you need to do whether it be electronic (like scanning the medicine to input into the patient chart) or good old pen and paper.

    Also, if you read some of the general nurse's posts, a lot of them mention they feel they need more time with some patients but don't have it since they have more then 3 (unless ICU) or they have charting to catch up to.

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    No FB here. Ever. You cannot google me. Not that I don't see how it MAY be helpful for some and of course with discipline and common sense you can stay out of trouble by either wasting time or posting the wrong things.

    It's just that I watched a 60 mins interview where they showed early documentation of the guy who owns FB (forgot his name) and he mentioned something along the lines of "I can't believe how many idiots sign up and give me all their info"... So I'd rather stay away.

    Also, if I have to use a fake name and sensor what I post to "market" to a certain crowd or not befriend certain people then what's the point. It's not really me. My real friends know how to reach me.

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    Quote from VioletKali
    It is not 100% online, you attend for tests, laboratory skills sessions, and other meetings/etc.

    Thanks. That's what I figured.

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    Oh wow.... hehe

    8. Any nurse who smokes, uses liquor in any form, gets her hair done at a beauty shop, or frequents dance halls will have given the Director of Nurses good reason to suspect her worth, intentions, and integrity.


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    I just noticed my community college also offers an online RN program ? I'm trying to figure out how one would learn nursing online, especially skills? Have any of you had experience with this?

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    Awww congrats.

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    If you see no clear path that he's taking to be sober NOW with good intentions then leave it along BUT by what you posted, he apparently doesn't see getting sober before nursing school as a priority so then I would report him. I have never been a "snitch" and disliked them most times but this is a big exception.

    He has a serious drug problem (heroin and pills are NOT a joke, not even alcohol ) and the LAST thing I would hate to see is him get in (take someone's spot who worked their a$$ off to be there) and hide his addiction (which addicts learn to do well), then graduate and be my nurse. NO freaking way. SMH

    Like I said, I am not promoting snitching by any means, I also don't think one should get in someone's way of making a better life for themselves whether they have a shady past or not.

    Clearly, in this case he's so addicted he thinks he can "make it" as a nurse while popping/snorting and whatever else he does. Not cool.

    Not fair for that one person who worked so hard to be there and now got wait listed and a complete hazard to all future patients.

    PS. Even if he's drug tested an addict will research this and try to pass it.

    EDIT: And yes, you need to BE SURE that he is back taking drugs like others said.

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    Oh you guys are great! Seriously you've given me some really good ideas.

    The description of each pile made me laugh! The duh, ummm and huh piles!
    I'm going to use it though.

    I appreciate all the advice. I feel like I've been out of school for so long and I need to prepare myself.

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    Seems like a silly question but to be honest I've never used flashcards. Not sure where to start. I know the basics but I think I'd get frustrated and "cheat".... any tips?

    I tend to learn by seeing things or remembering conversations. Should I start talking to myself? LOL

    I don't need them now but I know I will by the Fall term.


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    Quote from Christina23

    You could always try a website like and see what other students have said about your summer school professors to get an idea but I think if you did fine in an online psychology class, sociology should be pretty simple.
    This helps a lot. I always check mine before.