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  • Aug 26 '14

    A few little tidbits of information I was able to get from representative this AM.....
    1.If you made mistakes on your application, they would have either tried to clarify with you or if unable to, they would have already rejected your application.
    2. If you are still "under review" then you have no mistakes and are indeed still under consideration.
    3. They have sent out rejections. So, the "under review" status is not a "catch all" status until the deadline.
    Keep hanging in there, I know I am!

  • Aug 6 '14

    Quote from heather in ohio
    I have a MAC as well and plan to use it! That's all we have in the house- I'm gonna rely on it working - I absolutely do not care for PC. I could borrow one I suppose if need be but heaven help me use that lol. Also - we do not have clinicals the first year, at least not the first couple of semesters. The videos are a little overwhelming with all of the paperwork and finding preceptorship in all the different areas. That is the only thing that has deterred me from doing this sooner- finding people on my own to educate me while I pay the school kinda blows. I have heard all kinda of stories about difficulties finding clinicals - not all bad, not all good. I have not received a schedule either so just waiting. What is the cost per credit hr for online grad? I saw 485? Is that right?
    Heather... the tuition is 481 a credit hour. I just registered for the 6 hours that was on my curriculum schedule. It came to 2,886. Plus some fees for a total of $3041 for the term. The 15% is $465.15 but since I can't afford out of pocket, I am getting student loans and that will cover the 15% as well as the remainder of the tuition due.

    Also, the school is already affiliated with some sites for clinicals. Supposedly it is easiest to go with one they are already affiliated with, rather than arranging your own. Not sure if there is any close to you (I saw there are some in Ohio), but I'm in Florida and found quite a few in my area. Here is the link...

  • Aug 5 '14

    Quote from Belle1005
    I don't know if this is entirely accurate regarding the sequence, someone on the orientation site stated they had one of their classes switched on their personalized scheduled 608 which is normally second semester they are supposed to sign up this semester and 607 next semester. It says specifically on the orientation site to wait for your schedule and not go by the generic one on the website. I've been trying to be good and not register but I'm going nuts!
    Yea I just got mine from Eric via email and it says I'm supposed to be taking 545 and 608 this semester. Glad I didn't order any books the other day or register before I got my personalized schedule.

  • Jul 28 '14

    Just recieved an email this morning from Eric stating my packet is complete and pretty much all the steps needing to finally register and it had my plan of study attached!! Hope ya'll get yours as well!

  • Jul 27 '14

    Last year I was under review until the very end. It was actually ironic because the morning after the "government shutdown" all of us who had been waiting received our rejection letters. Still hoping and praying that this year will prove differently.

  • Jun 8 '11

    Thanks Igee!! I'll look for her email online and email her! Thanks so much for the tip!