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  • Feb 24

    I don't even want to share but I'm going to. I should have never taken the salary offer but I was excited to move.

    1] East coast Virginia

    2]RN-BSN with 3 years public health experience. I work communicable disease. No idea about Union- I work for the state.

    $23.70 an hour.

    I get insurance for around $300/mo.

    3] I rent a two bedroom for $1250. You can find cheaper places around $1000. I think the COL is high for what I make. Utilities aren't too bad around $140 a month. If my kids went to daycare it costs around $1800 a month :O

  • Feb 5

    We are in the same boat. I started applying out of sate recently. FH Tampa doesn't have the best reputation, lets say a relative works there and will not let me apply to any RN positions. I've decided to apply anyway because I'm desperate. I had a phone interview with someone from HCA. She wasn't very nice and Im glad to see everyone warns not to work there. Helps my ego a bit. If you'd like you can PM me and I can give you places to apply.

  • Dec 17 '16

    Quote from klone
    And in the case of exposure from mother to infant, the HBIG is given, not the Hep B vaccine. The vaccine does not prevent vertical transmission, it prevents theoretical exposure later in life.
    From my knowledge, they would also receive the Hep B vaccine. When I started as a clinic nurse, I used to read the inserts on vaccines. Same immunization for those with positive and negative mothers (aside from the immunoglobulin), and even without the immunoglobulin, solely giving Hep B vaccine to an infant with a positive mother is 70-95% effective in preventing both acute and chronic HBV. Have you heard of the Pink Book? It's an amazing resources for factual and complete information. I learned a lot from reading it.

  • Aug 16 '16

    I had no experience when hired 3 years ago. I now work as a specially trained STI nurse. Different places have different ways of titling their positions. I'm now PHN whereas at my last position I was RN. Our department has community health vs public health. I can try to figure out the difference if you supply a link with an example.

  • Mar 1 '16

    I've made a med error before. My colleagues told me that a good nurse reflects on their mistakes, learns, and never makes the same mistake again (versus someone who just says oh well). I've made a med error before and you bet I quadruple check now.