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    Quote from peep527
    is the test multiple choice ?

    yes they all are

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    Quote from Krystal686
    Has anyone taken Boces Part Time day or Night LPN Program? I am taking the test in November and I would like to do the Part time Night at Eastern Suffolk BOCES. Mon-Fri 6:30-10pm for the first 10 mos, then a few days a week for the following 7 Mos.

    Anyway... I would appreciate your thoughts on how the program went and how difficult you thought it was.

    Well let me start like this good luck to u on ur entrance exam.Im in the program as we speak i go mon-thus from 630-10 part time evening.You have to really make sure this is what you want because one's ur in ur in lol.There's alot of reading to do before class lectures and a quiz like everyday.The work is not hard as long as you can keep up.But so far been there since sept this year and had a quiz like everything and 3 unit exam so far.Unit exams are the one's that really count to help u pass ur course cause remember there's an average u have to maintain to stay in school.Just focus on ur exam for next month good luck dont worrie about school right now or what to expect cause u dont want to be nervous and fail this test coming up

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    Quote from Digrillo
    Hello There. I am also starting the LPN program in Sept. Part time evening. I am really nervous now that it is getting close. I have no idea what to expect!! I hopei havent forgotten to do anything before it starts. Do you or anyone know when the drug test is. Am I Suposed to go take care of that before the program starts? I dont want to miss any steps. I ttok care of what seems to be everything.. expect havn't finished the summer homework yet.
    what shall i expect with this program? Please help. Thanks!

    on the drug test i remember them saying at orientation they were going to let us know once we start when we will be taking them, also i feel the same when it comes to the program im really nervous and dont know what to expect

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    I start September 12 2011 eastern suffolk boces long island ny

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    Quote from ChattNurseHopeful
    Hi everyone!

    I'm taking the TEAS test on Tuesday and have been studying really hard. My biggest concern is that I've been told there is no pencil or paper (of course no calculator) allowed to be used when taking it. Was this the case for where you took it? Some of the questions have SO many steps or have multiple digits for multiplying/dividing, I can't imagine not being able to use one. I'm using the official study guide for the TEAS and even those questions seem to only be able to be solved if they can be worked out on paper.

    The only thing I can think is that the study manual has very difficult questions so you practice and learn how to do the problems long hand and the real test has much simpler questions.

    I'm specifically taking the exam at Chattanooga State in TN if any of you happen to have taken it there and can speak to your experience. FYI, I am only required to take the math and reading sections.

    Help! Thanks in advance for any advice you can share.

    I took the teas a few months ago they also required the math and reading section only.On the site where i took the test they gave us the test on the computer but they provided us with 2 sheets of blank paper and a pencil incase you needed to solve any problems.The one thing i remember is they collect the scrap paper after the test is done so you are not leaving the room without handing it in just dont get nervous the test is not hard at all good luck and keep us posted

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    Hello to everyone i got accepted to the eastern suffolk boces lpn 17 month program.I start in september im really nervous cause i haven't been in school since 98 when i graduated high school.Im asking all the people who attend there now if they can give me any info (tips) on what's coming my way i will really appreciated also congrats to all those finishing the program now and graduating

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    Quote from 3ast3rnst4r
    Two more weeks until my pinning ceremony! Im stoked! July 28 2011 7pm save the date!!! Congrats to all those starting in August and to those who have already graduated and/or been pinned!

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    Quote from deedee724
    Hi Everyone, got some great news to share...just graduated from Boces LPN program, getting ready to study for NCLEX-PN, which book would you recommend for preparation for the exam.
    congrats, which boces you graduated from?

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    Hi did anyone today attend the eastern boces orientation, what did ya guy's think?

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    Congrats and good luck

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    Quote from sammy30
    ive heard different things on what to study as far as the science part i got the teas study book but i have heard none of the science in the book is on the test. do you know any specifics I should be studying. thanks
    the science part has 30 question you get
    Scientific Reasoning
    General Science
    Life Science
    Chemical Science
    Physical Science
    Human Body Science

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    Quote from sammy30
    Thamks im flipping out have not been in school in years never learned the math im teachin my self with the book
    I hear you don't go crazy I graduated high school 12 years ago and still manage to pass the teas just focused on what I gave you and let us know what happen good luck

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    Quote from sammy30
    im scheduled to take the teas test may 7th for wilson tech lpn im going out on a limb as i have no schooling i bought 3 books to study from math is my weakness im just not getting it. i am petrified i will fail it. if anyone has taken it do i have a shot??? the other sections i will do fine in its the math that is making me a nervous wreck. any advise will greatly be appreciated. thanks. what happens if i fail the teas?
    theres nothing crazy to worrie about the math is not that bad i took the teas with them on dec.4 ,the ati book will help you alot also here's a little help on what to expect on the math part
    Math:45 questions
    Whole Numbers,Fractions,Decimals,Percentages,Ratio,Propo rtion,Metric Conversions,Algebraic Application and Data Interpretation
    hope this helps good luck on your test

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    Quote from jay neon
    [FONT="Arial Black"]Did anyone take da pre entrance Exam for the LPN program is it? any tips...what kind a book should i get and study...
    There's nothing to be nervous of the test is not that bad you have basic math,reading comprehension,science and grammar you have to check what your school test for cause I went to two different school and one only required math and reading but the other required all four.a book that I used that help me was the ATI book is on there website is called atitesting you can check there for it hope that helps