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    Quote from peep527
    is the test multiple choice ?

    yes they all are

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    Quote from Krystal686
    Has anyone taken Boces Part Time day or Night LPN Program? I am taking the test in November and I would like to do the Part time Night at Eastern Suffolk BOCES. Mon-Fri 6:30-10pm for the first 10 mos, then a few days a week for the following 7 Mos.

    Anyway... I would appreciate your thoughts on how the program went and how difficult you thought it was.

    Well let me start like this good luck to u on ur entrance exam.Im in the program as we speak i go mon-thus from 630-10 part time evening.You have to really make sure this is what you want because one's ur in ur in lol.There's alot of reading to do before class lectures and a quiz like everyday.The work is not hard as long as you can keep up.But so far been there since sept this year and had a quiz like everything and 3 unit exam so far.Unit exams are the one's that really count to help u pass ur course cause remember there's an average u have to maintain to stay in school.Just focus on ur exam for next month good luck dont worrie about school right now or what to expect cause u dont want to be nervous and fail this test coming up