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    Hey fellow nurses
    I'm new to this site. In fact I'm new to the whole 'blogging' thing, but I've been reading the monthly newsletter from for a while now, picked up it was based in the States and thought (being from South Africa) it would be quite cool to read a little about how nursing is across the seas.
    I'm currently in my third year of my nursing degree at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town (most beautiful city in South Africa) and I've started this year with midwifery, which I'm enjoying thoroughly. There's something quite liberating (in soul and thought) to be working with people who are well (mom's and most babies) and just need that extra helping hand when giving birth. Of course, we have an insanely high HIV/Aids rate which changes management of our patients quite a lot, but all in all midwifery is certainly a great part of nursing!

    Anyway enough blabbering, looking forward to reading some blogs and maybe picking up some good tips