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  • Jan 19 '16

    I recently graduated dec. 2010 with an ADN. I actually had 2 job offers yesterday at a county hosp. and community hosp this was after four months of searching and 5 interviews. I can offer you some tips in a list with some of my personal exp. Keep in mind that i didnt read any of the other responses on this post just the subject.

    1. Never lose motivation or hope this is the most important!- alot of my friends have given up or stopped actively looking after looking only for two months i believe they missed out. I continued to stay active on the job hunt every day. i had an int. the first week of my job hunt followed by 3 months of silence. Ive had 4 ints. from the may15 to June 14th

    2. Everywhere you go is an oppurtunity for a job.- I tell almost everyone my situation that im a new grad looking for a job! do it. I was recently hospitalized last week and i took that as an opportunity for finding a job. One of the nurses that took care of me actually got me an interview with her manager at her other job, and i was interviewed and offered the job on the spot(yesterday)

    3. Check everyday search RN New Grad! and place your zip code. actually found a new grad position that was up for only 3 days! Got an intial int. followed but not given a panel int.

    4. Have a day and visit the hospital personally dress business casual Bring all your stuff with you resume, cover, awards, letters of recs(have them to who it may concern and just copy it)- My friend was offered a job this way she talked to the nurse recruiter and was scheduled an appt with a manager. This is after I called the same nurse recruiter told me to call back in a few months. SO basically its easier to say NO on the phone then in person.

    5. Work on your common nursing interview questions!! google them! and record yourself til you feel comfortable. One of my clinical instructors told me to sell yourself and dont be afraid cause no one else will. Also I read this in another forum and i think it really helped me-- remember you are interviewing with someone that you are going to work with, so pretend you are talking to one of your nursing buddies, and not like you are being questioned by the police