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    I needed it only to enroll in the bridge class during the that its over, there are no requirements by the school to have it...I just thought that it would be a waste of money to renew when Im taking the NCLEX this summer...

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    I received my LPN license in 2011...Jan 2013 I let it expire because I have never worked as a nurse and I am in an RN program where I am set to graduate in May of this year. Did I make the right move by letting it expire since I will have my RN license this yr? I just thought it would be a waste to spend $60 to renew something that I will no longer need.

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    I have to take the ATI OB exam later on this week and what my school gave us was a book from ATI to study from...try to see if you can buy one of their books

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    I received my LPN license through high school and I have no work experience whatsoever. I am currently in my third semester of LPN-RN school, so I will graduate in May at the age of 21...School is not difficult to me at all..Some of the things that you will learn will not take that long to comprehend because you had a jist of it already in LPN school..The LPNs that have 10+ years working experience seem to struggle a little more than I do because what they are used to doing in "real life" at their jobs is sometime completely different from what the NCLEX will be testing you on and from what the textbooks teach. LPNs with work experience have a slight advantage when it comes to clinical so you wont have to worry.

    As for my tips, dont worry about how others will be able to function and do the best you can. Make sure you know how to correctly do CPR and brush up on your foundation skills.

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    I graduate May 2013..Its only 88 people in our entire class..I hope we get our accreditation...I cant afford to be slowed down

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    Hi Nurses:

    I am a 3rd semester nursing student going to a school that is on probation for their accreditation...once this class graduates, and takes the NCLEX-RN, we will have to wait to see if the school can get their accreditation back. My question to you is: Has anybody been in a similar situation and if not, what would you have done in this situation if you were me?

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    I use Lippincott and Saunders Comp Review...

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    I took the NCLEX-PN exam on Fri, March 11 at about 8, came home around 10, got the good pop-up..
    Today I paid for the quick results and I passed!!!