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  • Oct 6 '16

    Hello, I want to start a daily diary for Medical Career Institute Students. A lot of students would love to hear from students currently participating in the Registered Nursing program. They would love to know the ends and outs of MCI student life. Please feel free to comment on the way your classes went on a certain day. Talk about classes that are challenging or fun. This forum will help motivate incoming students and current students. It helps to know that other students have similar issues or concerns. This is a way to make friends and network. Please provide any anything that will help the new students focus on their studies. Advise of any tutoring sessions that you attended that made a difference in your grades. Talk about study groups they may assist students with failing grades. What type of extracurricular activities does MCI have? Discuss how the students in Lab or clinicals interact with each other. What are the tests like? Please try to comment in the forum at least a couple of times a week. It's always wonderful to be able to speak or chat with other students wth the same career goals. Please let me know if this is something we can keep going for support throughout school and our careers.