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    Quote from AngelaNielsen
    I am a May 2012 graduate with my BSN. I looked ALL over Cali, even rural areas and nothing. Not one call, interview, anything. I started looking in Texas, and received 5 calls offering interviews. I was offered a position 20 minutes after one of my phone interviews. It is in Midland/Odessa area, so smaller town (about 200,000 people in the area), mid sized hospital (about 340 beds) and they are the only trauma center in the area- plus they are going to train me in the ICU!! Which is almost unheard of here for a new grad. Plan on getting my 2 years experience and moving back to Cali! If you can move for a bit, I would say DO it! Dont waste your time sitting around Cali when you could be getting your experience elsewhere and moving back in 2 years! Best of luck to you all- it is so tough out there, and I know exactly how discouraging it is to have worked so hard and to be rejected so many times.
    Hi there. I'm an old grad with no nursing experience from CA and planning to apply in Texas. I just don't know where to start. It's frustrating to look at my résumé over and over again and don't know why I don't receive call back...if its not too much to ask, how did you do it - in regards to license reciprocity/ endorsement? Did you apply having TX license already? Honestly I'm scared but my husband and I are willing to take a jump just to have experience and go back to Cali after 2 yrs. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and congrats on your new job!

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    Bakersfield new grad program accepts new grad -- graduate in June of 2011 or graduated no later than December 2010.. does it expire?

    too bad for me since i graduated 2009, passed nclex last May and no nursing work experience at all. so now i don't know if i am still considered as new grad...

    i applied in new grad/ OR nurse training program at UC Davis and never heard from them ... the application status changed yesterday from routed to interview

    Goodluck to all of us!

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    i hope something good will happen! God bless.

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    Quote from emz0728
    this is my third time to take NCLEX.. any more advice.. im so anxious right now...
    Goodluck with the exam! You can do it! believe and you will achieve! God is with us all the time

    that's right breathe in breathe out... and take breaks whenever you feel necessary. God bless!

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    marvsxxix and spongebob6286!

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    Hi Denise_amor!
    I recently passed the nclex this month and I also having Trouble writing my resume since I don't have work experience in nursing field. I come across to this site

    And a lot of research about resume writing... But still I only have related learning experiences (RLE) and work references/employers that are non nursing related.

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    I recently passed the nclex this month and I am having Trouble writing my resume since I don't have work experience in nursing field. I have a lot of non nursing working experiences that Willing to give up.

    Since back in the Philippines i mostly assisted in Intra operative nursing care (OR & OB) when i was student and since it is a national requiremnt before taking the local exam (NLE). I want to focus on applying in these area but the dates and clinical instructor might mislead my employer. I come across to this ...

    and stated " it is acceptable to include experience that is not paid since this section is called professional experiences and not work experiences" what are your thoughts?

    And most importantly can I give references/ names from the Philippines? International phone numbers? ( I don't know anyone here in US except for my husband!)

    Thoughts, opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you

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    Took the exam May 11 went home and got the GOOD POP UP! weee!!!

    Early this morning i saw my licence on the BRN site!

    I am officially USRN!

    Thanks to for being part of my NCLEX preparation..

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    im still waiting for my official results thou...yiii! so excited!

    im polishing my resume..once im done no stepping back hello real world!!!

    Goodluck to us and keep in touch!

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    hey Awww_ItsMyNurse! i just want to greet you a Happy happy Birthday! im not sure of the exact date but im sure you mentioned it one of your post!

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    Quote from sweetangel05
    hey guys... I just took the test today.. honestly i am just emotionally numb right now....I felt like I was answering everything wrong during the test but I was just trying to breathe through and rationalize through all my test stopped at 109 I don't know if that is good or bad... keeping my hopes up and praying to god that whatever happens will be for my best...I just tried the PV trick and got good popup but still cannot be satisfied until I see the word PASS next to my name... will keep you guys updated... my state does quick results, so i will for sure know by Saturday.......yikes!!!!!!! that seems like ages away right now!!!!

    Good pop up! that's a good sign! Congrats!

    We are both waiting for the official result. May God bless us! Im still waiting for my name to appear at the il try again tomorrow! yiii!!!

    Goodluck to us! and God Bless us!

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    Quote from narstin10
    hi guys... goodluck on your exms.. btw, I am jst new to this site and I just want to ask some tips on how to pass the nclex exam. I took mine last 2006 and I failed, never had the courage to take it again Right now I am working in a call center and I am planning to pursue my nursing career and I got to admit that i feel scared as ever. I want to take a review center but I am so lost and I have no idea where to enroll. I am also waiting for my ny credential verification until now , i applied for it last May 2010 and I am also wondering why it still says in my account that its waiting for approval(

    guys any help /tips will be appreciated. Thanks
    That's great your pursuing your nursing profession! a lot of stories and experiences of posters will inspire you and these helped me motivate in preparing for the exam. Check out some threads that interests you and from there you'll be able to know how to start. it's okay to be scared we all do! Just take the first step and believe in yourself you can do it!

    As to review center, it depends where area you are. if your looking for classroom based or online based; like Kaplan ( which i recommend) they only have 4 days interactive lecture online and the rest you have to do it by yourself.. more like self study but you;ll be provided with videos ( content, questions with rationale, strategies etc. etc) for 3 months. it really depends on the categories they offer that meets your needs.


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    Quote from emz0728
    will be taking the test in 2 weeks.. any suggestions what to do in 2 weeks or do i need to reschedule my test?
    exam date is entirely up to you.. follow what you heart says and weigh how prepared you are.:redpinkhe Goodluck! You may need to consider ways to manage anxiety and lessen your stress.. whatever works for you.. and continue answering questions... my prayers are with you and to all who will be taking the exam!

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    Thanks cyram81RN! Cheers to good life! *wine