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    Quote from AngelaNielsen
    I am a May 2012 graduate with my BSN. I looked ALL over Cali, even rural areas and nothing. Not one call, interview, anything. I started looking in Texas, and received 5 calls offering interviews. I was offered a position 20 minutes after one of my phone interviews. It is in Midland/Odessa area, so smaller town (about 200,000 people in the area), mid sized hospital (about 340 beds) and they are the only trauma center in the area- plus they are going to train me in the ICU!! Which is almost unheard of here for a new grad. Plan on getting my 2 years experience and moving back to Cali! If you can move for a bit, I would say DO it! Dont waste your time sitting around Cali when you could be getting your experience elsewhere and moving back in 2 years! Best of luck to you all- it is so tough out there, and I know exactly how discouraging it is to have worked so hard and to be rejected so many times.
    Hi there. I'm an old grad with no nursing experience from CA and planning to apply in Texas. I just don't know where to start. It's frustrating to look at my résumé over and over again and don't know why I don't receive call back...if its not too much to ask, how did you do it - in regards to license reciprocity/ endorsement? Did you apply having TX license already? Honestly I'm scared but my husband and I are willing to take a jump just to have experience and go back to Cali after 2 yrs. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and congrats on your new job!