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  • Sep 4

    I knew I wanted my BSN without question when I discovered that I wanted to be a nurse. I attended a second-degree BSN program immediately after I earned my first BS. It was when the economy was at its worst. When I realized I'd have to stay in school longer during my first degree, I started working as an RA to have my room and board paid for, picked up a TA job, and kept my retail job that I continued on holidays back home because I knew that the amount of loans I'd have would balloon. The RA job alone saved me over $16,000 total, in addition to scholarships that I was receiving from school.

    I chose my nursing school based on cost, and job prospects in its region: they gave me a decent scholarship for tuition, and I got a job before I graduated. I lived on a tight budget while I was in school, so that I'd avoid taking out more loans than necessary. The guarantee of a job alone helped me start paying my loans off early. I still live on a modest budget so that I can pay my loans off sooner than projected, but I'm fortunate in that it hasn't been difficult to make ends meet so far (and I've been able to treat myself a little bit along the way ).