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  • Aug 31 '16

    1. I was feeding a baby in our nursery one night, and I had him propped on my thigh while I supported the rest of his body with my arm while I fed him... The baby had been fussing a little bit a few minutes earlier, but stopped after he got his bottle (and subsequently started passing tons of gas... or so I thought). Well, after I finished feeding and burping the baby, I noticed my thigh felt a little warmer than usual...

    This child took the motherload of all bowel movements (for a newborn, anyway)... not only did it fill and overflow his diaper, but it also came out of the blanket he was wrapped in... and I literally had a lovely puddle of meconium soaking one of the pant legs on my scrubs (which were lightly colored, there was no hiding it). My co-worker started hysterically laughing when she saw it, but I wanted to really just take a shower right then and there.

    2. My first day shadowing in L&D in school, I worked with a nurse who was about to have a patient deliver vaginally. The patient's water broke right before the baby came out... and it literally showered the ENTIRE room in front of her with amniotic fluid. The nurse had the foresight to give me a head cover and eye shield before I went in, but some of the residents weren't so lucky .

  • Jun 13 '16

    I get less than 5 call-outs per year before I get penalized by management.

    If I want to use one for a mental health day (which I have in the past), I will gladly do so. I don't use them to go to the beach, or to go on vacation. I use them to recharge my batteries. I find it comical that so many nurses here seem to be ignoring the mental aspect of health.

  • Apr 12 '16

    I have gastroparesis (and an extremely slow gut overall; for the record, Go-LYTEly doesn't work on me. At all. Doctors found out the hard way). I am stable now, my case is mild, and my treatment regimen is wonderful so I'm virtually asymptomatic 95% of the time, but I'll share my past experiences with you.

    Imagine having a dead weight just sitting in your stomach after you eat. And imagine your stomach/esophagus being perpetually irritated, whether from vomiting or from food just sitting there for hours longer than your body intends for it. It's like living with a stomach virus that doesn't end.

    I will say that I never screamed in pain from my gastroparesis. But I've been extremely uncomfortable, to the point where my quality of life has been adversely affected. I, like the previous poster, had gastritis as a result of my symptoms.

    When I've received dilaudid in the past for GI-related discomfort, I've been aware that my pain has still existed, but I simply haven't cared so much that it's there as I did when the medication wore off. If it were up to me, I'd take a medication that actually treated the cause of my pain (i.e., slow motility, GI irritation), instead of an opioid that's slowing down my gut and duping my mind.

    I wonder, like you, if some of the patients that you see have built up a tolerance as a result of their chronic pain. And I can't speak for all of them, but I wouldn't attribute all of their behaviors to psychologic causes. Gastroparesis can be truly miserable.