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  • May 26

    Quote from Inori
    Ok how exactly does one motivate, empower staff ? Can I have a few examples I am talking about pca and uh nursing. I am running into anger, resistance and hostility when I delegate out stuff. I'm new and they are use to working and reporting to the more mature nurses. Anyways how can I win over staff ... I got along w em fine until They had to report to me.
    Tell them what they are doing right. Be positive & professional. Thank them when it is appropriate. Don't take it personally either. It takes a while for people to accept a new leader. I was the team leader in my department in my last position, and I supervised admin staff. It was really hard b/c many of the nurses had much more experience than me. I found that it was very important to give them credit for their experience and acknowledge that they had things I could learn from them. The more humble I was, the more willing they were to listen to me.

  • May 16

    It looks like correctional institutions are specifically addressed in the law, & it works in your favor.

    (5) Correctional institutions and other law enforcement custodial situations.
    (i) Permitted disclosures. A covered entity may disclose to a correctional institution or a law enforcement official having lawful custody of an inmate or other individual protected health information about such inmate or individual, if the correctional institution or such law enforcement official represents that such protected health information is necessary for:(A) The provision of health care to such individuals;
    (B) The health and safety of such individual or other inmates;
    (C) The health and safety of the officers or employees of or others at the correctional institution;
    (D) The health and safety of such individuals and officers or other persons responsible for the transporting of inmates or their transfer from one institution, facility, or setting to another;
    (E) Law enforcement on the premises of the correctional institution; and
    (F) The administration and maintenance of the safety, security, and good order of the correctional institution.
    45 CFR 164.512 - Uses and disclosures for which an authorization or opportunity to agree or object is not required. | LII / Legal Information Institute

  • Apr 21

    It's like dating a man who is cheating on his wife.
    WRONG. It is not a family issue or a moral issue. It's called knowing employers in today's job market aren't going to be loyal to you either. Why should you be loyal to them? An employer where I live recently decided to lay off all nurses with 20+ years of experience to save $. What kind of loyalty is that? It should be reciprocated. I here of situations where employers do this all the time.
    I disapprove of that and feel like it's unprofessional.
    I don't think you're the authority on that, & I doubt these nurses care.

  • Apr 19

    It seems appropriate to file a complaint with the state board of nursing if harm resulted to the patient and the nurse acted outside of her/his scope and was without authorization from the doctor to perform the duties you described.

  • Feb 16

    You will have supervisors like this too. Take it on as a challenge to get you in shape for the real world of nursing. Good luck. You can handle it.

  • Jan 2

    If you are sure you will be continuing your education and go on to become Nurse Practitioner, some of your Direct Entry MSN courses will transfer. Also, it will not be necessary to obtain another Master's; you will only need to complete a post-master's certificate in your NP program. This means you will not need to write another thesis. The downside of the direct entry MSN program is that it is more expensive b/c it is grad school. Also, IMO, it is more challenging b/c you are studying at the graduate level. I did the direct entry MSN program; I only regret the student loan debt.

  • Dec 24 '16

    Just my gold necklaces, that's all.

  • Sep 24 '16

    I'm sorry you've gone through all of that. It is miserable when you have a legitimate disorder that affects your behavior, & people choose to assume your behavior is due to a lack of will power or a character flaw. These people are misinformed. Also, I know how it feels to hear, "You scored this on such & such standardized test, so your grades should be higher." Hearing stuff like that may have led you to develop unrealistic expectations of yourself. Try thinking of all the things you do right IN SPITE of your illness, & celebrate them. I hope it gets better for you though.

  • Sep 7 '16

    Quote from Kimynurse
    I failed my titter, retook the 3 and passed the second. Similar to MMR, had to take twice
    Re:the repeat MMR series: I may be talking to myself once again here, but I don't understand why employee health/infection control folks don't consider ACIP/CDC recommendations on these matters; it would perhaps be more cost-effective and mean less needlesticks for you all. You were probably immune to MMR. Does anyone else think the lack of uniformity with well-established, researched guidelines is a little asinine?

    "ACIP does not routinely recommend more than 2 doses of MMR vaccine. A negative serology after 2 documented doses probably represents a false negative (i.e., antibody titer is too low to detect with commercial tests). If a healthcare setting relies on post-vaccination testing to determine immunity, a negative serology can erroneously indicate that a HCW needs additional doses. Remember, ACIP does not recommend routine serologic testing after MMR vaccination"