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    Thank you so very much for the help!! I will be spending the weekend editing my résumé! I do plan on networking as much as possible!

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    I have applied to every new grad position in my area and most of them have already interviewed people for the positions. I know the market is tough and I only have my ADN which makes it even harder for me. I will be continuing on to get my BSN this fall, should I include that somewhere? I just want my resume to be perfect. I know a lot of times part of it is getting past the automated computer filters. Let me know how I can improve my resume, any advice is greatly appreciated!

    Name and Address

    Seeking a challenging position as a Registered Nurse, which will require me to utilize my patient care skills and expand knowledge while providing quality health care to patients.

    ABC College, Town, State
    Associate of Science in Nursing degree candidate, expected May 2013

    ABC University, Town, State
    Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, May 2011

    Basic Life Support Certification - Expires August 2013

    State Nursing License, Pending NCLEX exam- anticipated June 2013

    Server, ABC Restaurant, Town, State, May 2011-Present.

    • Manage time effectively while focusing on unique customer experience
    • Maintain established customer relationships
    • Receive, process and prioritize multiple orders
    • Ensure items are up to standard before serving them in order to warrant customer satisfaction
    • Clean side stations and seating stations to maintain hygienic working environment
    • Receive and process reservations in timely manner
    • Effective oral and written communication and collaboration with all staff
    • Train and educate new employees

    Coach, ABC Gymnastics, Town, State, June 2006-January 2013

    • Ensured safe practice of gym functions and practices appropriate for age and developmental level
    • Coached gymnastics to children ages 2 to 17
    • Communicated effectively with parents regarding child's progress
    • Developed individualized workouts for students utilizing effective interpersonal relationships
    • Led warm ups and safety rules for activities and gym functions using established protocols and policies
    • Trained students with proper training techniques to help students achieve goals


    • March 2013- May 2013, Preceptorship: Telemetry and Medical Step Down Unit, ABC Hospital
    • January 2013- March 2013, Critical Care Clinical, ABC Hospital
    • October 2012-December 2012, Obstetrics Clinical, ABC Hospital
    • August 2012-December 2012, Medical-Surgical II Clinical, ABC Hospital
    • August 2012-October 2010, Pediatrics Clinical, ABC Hospital
    • March 2012-May 2012, Psychiatric Clinical, ABC Hospital
    • January 2012-March 2012, Medical-Surgical Clinical, ABC Hospital
    • October 2011-December 2012, Fundamentals of Nursing Clinical, ABC Hospital

    Member- ABC College Student Nurses Association
    Phi Theta Kappa- Honor Society, ABC College
    Volunteer- ABC Charity

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    Congrats and good luck on the interview!! When did they contact you about an interview?

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    Has anyone applied to the JPS graduate nurse position??

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    Yes!! And ER! fingers crossed!

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    "Ivana RN-BC- can you pm me the info about this hospital I would not mind commuting a little. Thanks!

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    Thanks so much for the advice! I will be using these tips when I start my job hunt soon! Congrats on the job!

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    It will definitely help, a lot of managers like to hire someone they already know and trust

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    The sooner the better but not too soon, I was think I would start applying the end of February except for any new grad intern positions if they are available sooner! Start making contacts with nurse managers and nurses at your clinical site

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    It's discouraging but don't give up hope, your first job may not be at a hospital. Get out and network! It's all about who you know these days!

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    Everyone at school was talking about this!! It's so true! I hope to find a job!

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    Love it!!

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    I graduate in May and want to eventually go into peds so I will definitely be saving this for future reference

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    This was so incredibly helpful!! Thanks for sharing!!

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    Try to get a job as a tech in the hospital you will have a better chance of your manager wanting to hire you. Also you can't be picky with your first job it might be on a med-surg floor, a doctor's office or LTC