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  • Nov 23 '16

    I can tell you my opinion from the LVN point of view -

    Pros -
    - a lot of skills that you do not get to use in a nursing home (at least at the homes in my area) you get to use here (EKG, IV starts, triage situations)
    - There is a wide variety of nursing areas crammed into one area - Psych, med-surg, ER, substance abuse, etc.
    - Absolutely NEVER a dull moment.
    - You really have to use your knowledge on disease process because inmates will lie through their teeth to get what they want.
    - You do not have to worry about families

    Cons -
    - There are a lot of skills that I learned in school that I do not use where I work - Foleys, Trach suctioning
    - There are a lot of skills that we didn't touch on much in school that would be VERY helpful to know
    - You work with a less than desirable patient population, but as nurses I believe we are taught to keep our judgements at home and do what we were trained to do and that is provide care.

    On a different note - I absolutely love where I work, and I believe I am getting the best experience for an LVN who looks to transition to RN to become either a ER nurse or possible Psych nurse. There are times where I have to get "tough" on the inmates, but that is actually very rare, most of them are usually respectful towards me. One piece of advice I would like to give you is if you cannot keep your judgements at the door (you do treat child molesters, murders, etc.) I do not think it would be a place for you. I see some people I work with that carry these with them at work and I believe it causes them to treat the inmates as less than humans. I do understand that these people have done less than desirable things, but they are still humans that need treatment for whatever it may be. I also see that it makes their day a little more stressful than what it needs to be. I try to not think about those things and go on with my day. My nursing professor told me to think about this - the inmates in jail are the ones who have gotten caught for their crimes, there are very many out there that we treat in the hospital who could have done the same thing or even worse and we have no idea about it.