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  • Apr 5 '16

    When I think of acuity, I think of how much time I am spending in the room providing care to the patient in regards to treatments, administering medications and all the misc. "lines" they may have.

    When I did my preceptorship on a hem/onc unit, their acuity board was divided into like 6-10 different categories: level of dependence (self, ltd, ext, total), IV meds, psych issues, falls precautions, chemo, etc. each category was assigned a point value and anyone greater than like a 7 was considered to be higher acuity. They would then adjust the assignments as necessary.

    I work on a sub-acute rehabilitation unit for all walks of life and recently we had a pt who had a trach, PEG, wound VAC, foley, fecal incontinence management system, and PICC. Mind you this person was non-responsive and a full code and the family was constantly on our butts. He had the MOST medications I have EVER seen to boot! Me and the other nurses on the unit literally spent almost 50% of our shift managing this person's care....and I have 11 other patients under our care!