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  • May 20

    I definitely have to go with my own name on this one....


    It's actually a really unique combination of both of my grandmother's names; my maternal grandmother Cora and my paternal grandmother Ronella, my father put the the 2 together to come up with Corella and the rest is history...

    My biggest issue through school was dealing with a name most kids thought sounded exactly like Cruella Deville, so needless to say i was made fun of a LOT throughout school because of my name, in 2nd-5th grade I actually made my mother register me for school as "Corey" (the nickname most of my family gave me) just so i wouldn't have to bare the brunt of the name calling. It didn't work however as most kids knew my name, so I just gave up. After getting through school however I found that I truly LOVE my name. It's unique, easy to point out and remember, noone else has it (that I've seen anyways, although a quick google search leads me to other people with my name, along with a species of bird and a town in italy) Plus, it just sounds pretty...I have been called many things though, such as; Toyota Corolla, Crayola, Gorilla, and the timeless classic of Cruella gets around alot (especially seeing that before I became an RN i've been a dog groomer for the past 8 years, which is quite ironic if you think about it.)

    I love hearing unique names though, and whenever I have a pt. who feels bad about their name or goes by a nickname so as not to deal with it, i like to share my struggles with my uniqueness.

  • Dec 17 '17

    Thanks so much for your help Witty!

    I took the test yesterday was SO nervous, but I did really well...I needed a 75% over all and ended up with 93.41%! a 95.65% on Reading, a 96% on grammar and a 96% on Vocab, my lowest was in math...i got an 86%

    but i did get an 850 on the Critical thinking! Getting the fundamental of nursing book helped Tremendously! there were even a few questions on there that were directly from that book!

    It took me 126 minutes to take it and i took my Im very proud of myself and i hope those scores get me in!