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  • Nov 4 '12

    So far so good; floor nurses don't make an issue of it if they are aware since I'm just another student on the unit. Such things aren't discussed with my profs; it just isn't a subject that professionals concern themselves with. As for my classmates; the girls were very interested in figuring me out. I really wanted to keep all aspects of my personal life to myself, but with making friends and helping each other through the program of course it has come up that I am bisexual and have an amazing boyfriend . The other male students don't have an issue with it either and I am still just as good friends with them as the female students. I find that if you are honest and unapologetic about yourself then others will often have respect for your surety in who you are.

  • Jul 7 '12

    undoubtedly, i have listen to this powerful video several times now and i have taken the liberty to share it with my colleagues at work, which in turn they have share it with those who they care about. therefore, without you realizing it you have touched the cords of many hearts, with your gesture of sharing this magnificent heartfelt video...once again i wish you the best in life and long fruitful nursing career....aloha~

  • Jun 5 '12
  • Aug 3 '11

    In the confused-patient vein, here's one of my favorites: 94 YO Jenny, who had never in her life been in a hospital ("I birthed all 11 of my babies right in my own house, never seen no doctor or nothin', and every one of 'em was as healthy as I am!"). She was on the med-surg floor with CHF, and even though she was more than a little demented, she had a kind of twisted logic. There was another confused pt. in the room across from Jenny's who yelled all night long no matter what we did for him, and to say the least, this did not make Jenny very happy. We were all taking a short coffee break at around 4 AM when we heard this blood-curdling scream from the general direction of the man's room. No sooner had we run around the corner to see what was going on than we spotted Jenny, who was shuffling toward us with a half-full catheter bag........along with the entire catheter, balloon and all. "I yanked this contraption outta that feller down the hall,' she announced, handing over the apparatus before heading back down the hall to her own room. "Guess now he's got something to holler about!!"

  • Aug 3 '11

    Oh, how lucky I feel right now, because I have so many wonderful, gross stories. I think one of the most unique gross things that I have ever dealt with was the 750# man. To begin with, this patient was only in his late 30s. He had come to our hospital the prior week, and was there for about 2 days, and was discharged quickly only because our resident "Dr. Admit" had gone on vacation and the doc that covered for him cleaned house the very next day. Other than his size, this man was not very nice. He had a bad attitude, and went out of his way to be difficult for all of the staff. One morning, during that first admission, he decided to haul himself up from his bari-bed and walk to the bathroom himself---God only knows how he did this. He was discovered at shift change, first thing in the morning, laying on his face, like a beached whale on the bathroom floor. It took 8 people and over an hour to get him off the floor and back into bed.
    Anyway, the following week this patient was brought back in sometime in the middle of the night. The EMTs had to just put him on a tarp and remove the stretcher and put him on the floor of the rig. They somehow got him into a regular hospital bed (that has never worked since then) and left him there, on this big tarp. The night nurse left him there, which is another story in itself, and I had the blessed luck of being his nurse that day. Our first job was to get him a bari-bed on a Saturday, and to actually get him out of the bed and standing. It only took 4 people to get him up and out of the bed, and we pushed a bed long ways against a wall for him to use as a prop until we could get his bed. He had to stand there until the big bed arrived. The man had not had a bath in at least over a week. We had an order to put a foley in him, but, I swear to you all, no one could find his penis. We put a wash basin on the floor with lots of towels around it and told him to just let go. He then reported having had a bowel movement, and, since I was his lucky nurse, I was the one to clean him up. I had to actually dig to find his rectum, and went in almost to my elbow between his cheeks. There were two people on either side of him, keeping him steady and helping me while I dressed some wounds on the backs of his thighs. He needed to be washed down in the process, so I was on my knees behind this 750# man when he passed a large puff of gas. LOL, if you can imagine this, I fell backward on my rear end like I had been pushed, and the two people holding his arms both stepped away from him like someone had pulled a string. It was all we could do to keep a straight face all that morning, and of course, I was the "butt" of a great deal of jokes that day.

  • Aug 3 '11

    I was a new CNA in the nursing home and feeling very proud of my first step in my chosen career.

    A nice littel old man in a wheel chair waved at one of my co-workers (a pretty littel 18 year-old, fresh out of high school sugar and spice type of girl). He said "honey come over here please" as she bent down to talk to him. He moved the blanket covering his legs and SPLAT! he ejaculated right in her face and mouth. I never saw her again and thus my nursing career beagn...........

  • Jul 31 '11

    Yes. It's Gay. Totally gay.
    And once you put on that white scrub shirt you will become totally gay...:heartbeat

    Are you serious?

    Men have worn white shirts to the office for decades. Milkmen wore white. Doctors & Dentists used to wear white smocks. Even some bud drivers wear white

    What's the big deal?

  • Apr 1 '11