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Joined Apr 18, '00 - from 'Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL USA'. jeanrnurse is a RN. She has '40+' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Prof. Development, New Grad. Residency'. Posts: 32 (9% Liked) Likes: 4

Critical Care Staff Nurse 5 yrs; Staff Dev. Educator/Director 35+, working a couple of days/mo. as Staff Nurse intermittently. Manager, Chem. Dependency Unit, Home Health, Clinical Instructor; Faculty in ADN school.
Lived in Ill. all my life, then moved to FL. Gulf Coast 3.5 yrs. ago, w/ Bill, my Sig. Other, and 1 cat, "Chance".
We love cruising the Intercoastal waterway in our antique motorboat.

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Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL USA
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Prof. Development, New Grad. Residency
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40+ years
genealogy/boating in FL
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