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  • Oct 20 '11

    Quote from sanfransrna
    just curious...what do you think about pa? bedside experience..yet function similarly to np.
    np education assumes that the potential np has had some experience -- and some expertise at the bedside. pa school does not. they emphasize clinical experience more. the pas i work with are, uniformly, great. they respect the nursing staff a whole lot more than the nps do as well.

  • Feb 10 '11

    Rember it is a Cardiac arrest. They did not say they where passed out, what where they like. You do not do compresions on a person sitting up having a cardiac arrest telling you their in pain and having a hart attack. In all cases always especialy for peramedics DRABC. Danger ,Respounce Airways, Breathing , then if all else fails compresions and not before the others. There are many cases of lawsuits, becuse some one tried compressions first.:heartbeat