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  • Sep 1

    Quote from linearthinker
    And I just have to disagree. I found them extraordinarily helpful. I guess value is in the eye of the beholder.
    If you have the NP review book and read cover to cover...u dont need the CDs. Did you not read what I wrote? Sorry but at $$446...they better be good. Did I say they were not helpful? The CDs are almost exact verbatim of her book & I found it boring. She sounds like she read it line by line from a book with a voice that is not so pleasant to listen.

    I was letting other people know that if they have the fitzgerald NP review book...they dont need fitzgerald cds...they can invest in Hollier CDs or some other review CDs...something to add to review that is not almost same.

  • May 24

    sorry to chime in...i am a female NP student.

    When this topic of education PA vs. NP comes....people become too offended quickly. I have realized it on both a offendee and defendee...LOL

    It wouldn't be too bad if NP school did not waste 2 semesters (= 1 yr) on roles, ethics, community health, research, policy classes. They could make 1 semester by combining several of those classes in one....I mean we spent "3 credits on Advance practice roles" thats 6 hrs/week X 4.5 months. So unnecessary...It could have been woven into research / policy. Likewise we spent "3 credits" on community health project. Now, if I wanted to pursue public health I would have gone that route...Again that community health class could have been woven into policy/roles/ethics/community health together. We had epidemiology 3 credits + community health 3 doesn't this seem like public health route to you.

    Besides, advanced research class (which is imp as a healthcare to do research and interpret research)...I felt like I was on a hybrid version of MPA/MPH program with healthcare concentration until the end of first year (of course we had patho,pharm,assessment during 1st year together with those classes I mentioned). our program is 2.5 yrs. NP education can definitely be improved and more clinical hours can be added to it. I thought MSN-FNP was bad enough..I just cant understand why DNP would be more paralled to longer version of FNP.

    In the end, we learn from work experience and learning mistakes. I had MD, NP, CNM as preceptor and now I have PA as a preceptor for this semester. They all tell me first couple of years after school is learning stage. They were all fab and knowledgeable. I see NP and CNM doing the MD/PA job + education. MD/PA leave out the patient education but in the end they all treat their patient. That makes me not regret the choice of NP school but we definitely need more clinical hours. Everytime, I see pt with derm problems ( besides common eczema, hives, acne etc)...I wish I could have spent 4-5 weeks in derm clinic (not cosmetic clinics)/ ER/ Jail instead of writing pages and pages of papers on what is the role of APRNs.