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    I've responded several times. In all of those times I basically called 911 for the pt, once while doing CPR. Cardiogenic shock at a race, altered mental status on the side of a highway, anaphylactic shock, motor vehicle collision at highway speed, accidental toddler overdose of parents' medications... Mostly I get "can you tell me your opinion on this?" Never do I ever actually have my emergency kit with me, damn it all.

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    Best bet is to talk to the schools financial aid planner and their admissions counselor. If you like what they have to say then go for it.

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    This is painful to watch!

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    Yup. But they curse first OR are truly disrespectful such as calling me or someone else names.

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    Same PPE/isolation as for pt with lice or scabies.

    I would ask housekeeping if they have heard if anything is being done then step it up from there. Also I would prob institute a full clothing change protocol at my own house to make sure I don't bring it home.

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    Let me put it this way:
    Would you roll your eyes if a veteran cardiac nurse asked for help with a neuro assessment on a neonatal patient? Of course not! And I wouldn't even blink if you came on as a new hire and never had a chance to learn IVs. You still have other skills that you have become so proficient in that you could help with.

    A different way to think about it is this: Physical skills can be picked up, but it takes experience to learn that gut reaction that the patient, families, and doctors depend on us for.

    It's easy for me to say "just don't sweat it" but what would make you feel better is this: request to go for IV and phlebotomy training. (And don't sweat it!)

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    Nobody escapes nursing school unscathed. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. Nurses who make it are strong, determined, and don't back out of a fight.

    If if you had a patient who said "I want to live, please help me!" had a 50 year smoking history, was total care, MRSA/VRE, stage 4 cancer, and was doing badly, would you say that it's not worth trying to save them because "the amount of stress, disappointment, and lack of confidence to succeed"was too much?

    Of course not! And you have to decide for yourself if your nursing career has a DNR or wants to live too!

    You said that this one F doesn't define you, but if you quit then you will have decided that it, in fact, DID!

    Now get back in there and make sure your student loans weren't for nothing!!

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    Oh geez, you scared me! Thank you for clarifying.

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    Googled it. Trawling is dragging a net along the bottom of the lake, etc. trolling is the bait thing. So we are both right.

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    WHAT?! So they have like 3-4 full syringes of narcotics and benzos in their pocket and have to keep track of which pt they belong to??!

    Forget that! I like my license where it is.

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    First, you draw up the entire vial into a syringe and waste all but your dose needed. You take the rest of the syringe and dilute it into a 10ml syringe.

    Give all of the larger syringe.

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    An interesting sidenote: The term trolling comes from fishing, where you drag bait around in the water and wait to see what bites.

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    [IMG][/IMG]Like that.

    Quote from NurseOnAMotorcycle
    You will get a lot of shade from coworkers if they think they're unprofessional.
    edited to add: I just realized that pinayUSA likes strip clubs!

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    Oh and don't get me started on shoe designers! It's all about crocs versus flip flops.