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Joined Jan 16, '11 - from 'NY'. She has '6' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Med-Surg 1, Emergency 5, CEN 2/2016'. Posts: 1,115 (63% Liked) Likes: 3,063

My favorite members: GrnTea, Esme12, VivalasViejas, RubyVee, netglow, altra, chare

I love the ER. I like to mentor students and new grads.

I'm in my 40s. I have teens. I teach martial arts, like to knit in the winter and ride my VStar during the summer. I'm into cooperation and communication. I agree to disagree. I am good at some stuff, and don't know much about others and am not afraid to admit it.

But... I won't tolerate entitlement or rudeness. I will not be kind to bullies. I'm not immune to being pissed off and responding accordingly. If you have to start by saying "I'm not trying to be ___, but..." then just don't write it.

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Med-Surg 1, Emergency 5, CEN 2/2016
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6 years
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