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  • Oct 10 '12

    At my Hospice we are taught to use this phrase. "Your loved one isn't dying because they're not eating, they're not eating because they're dying.

  • Aug 29 '12

    So you have had problems finding a nursing job and when you finally get one you quit on the first day on the job. Sure it might have be "unprofessional" but even having a little experience will give you an advantage.

    I'm not really seeing what was unacceptable about asking you to administer the medication. Sure you had medication administration at school and you could have always verified with the mother. When I did pediatric home health I never had a preceptor. The parents give you the run down on the case and the first day is always the hardest but it's not complicated.

    Also I would think not administering the medication as order when you are on duty would be more ricky than administering them without a preceptor there. You have a license you are qualified to administer medications within your scope of practice.

  • Aug 18 '12

    I graduated this past May. I have been applying to jobs since I graduated. I became licensed in mid July, and received a job offer in the beginning of August. So, it took about 2.5 months. However, I know that seems pretty short but it wasn't easy. I received a job offer by attending a job fair, thank God I attended! Some of the managers were there and we had group interviews. I'm in Texas.

    Good Luck!