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    The Health Minister made a huge announcement after the Auditor General's report on CCAC last year. All you have to do is look it up. It was all happening around election time. They found i think it was around or less than 0.60 for every dollar funded actually went to direct patient care and the rest the administrative needs of ccac. Too many managers and not enough patient care. They didn't help themselves, in my opinion, when they went on strike asking for money and the system didn't fall apart. We had absolutely no issues so the
    government was able to go "hmm". Nursing in homecare haven't received raises since 2005 and ccac hadn't had one in 2yrs so that also caused a lot of ill feelings. I may make crap money but i do love my job and to me happiness is more important than $$ (just wish my bills thought the same way lol)

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    They announced keeping 350 of the current care coordinators when transition to LHINs. It will be interesting to see. It won't happen quickly but its going to be a change for sure. I am hoping to see a lot of the higher managers go. They are way too top heavy.

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    Currently the CCAC is under major scrutiny and people are worried about losing their jobs. There may be limited jobs depending on the area. Most nurses who work at ccac are older or have work injuries. There is very little nursing involved and tons of administrative work. Depends on what you like to do.

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    No we aren't unionized. I am in Grey/Bruce Region

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    Yup community nursing in Ontario is severely underfunded so pay sucks. I love my job so i keep on going

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    Our palliative care contract is steady because there isn't as
    Many companies up here. Rural area. VON is dwindling its services in areas. We have an excellent palliative care outreach team we work with so i feel lucky because i enjoy palliative care alot.

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    I work for CareParnters. I am in a rural area and our RPNs do a lot

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    All home care pay sucks because community nursing is critically underfunded despite people being kicked out of the hospital earlier to make room for others and of courses hospital beds being closed and people using ER as a
    Family dr's office. Doesnt matter what company you work for unfortunately. I dont think any home care agency is unionized because of $$$ but i may be wrong.

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    I do everything in my area.
    PICC care, catheter, wound care, IVs, pediatrics, gtubes, nephrostomy, colostomy, palliative care, etc. it is a steep learning curve for new grads because good assessment skills are vital and it can be hard to not only learn a new area of nursing but also the skills. However, i have mentored some great new
    Grads and some not so great. Home care isn't for everyone. Then again all areas are like that

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    I liked it all. It is fast paced and it gave me background knowledge for nursing school. I didnt need to really memorize medical terminology because i already learned it in my previous courses.

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    I did my unit clerk, then Practical nursing, and now doing my BScN. I needed a job that would get me off welfare and support my family. I am in On so our wage is good but that meant shift work. Same as nursing start low on totem pole and move up.

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    I live in ontario and became a unit clerk first and then went back to get my practical nursing and working on my BScN. I was a single mom and needed a good paying job and i didnt know if i wanted to be a nurse. I took the long road but its not always possible to do the straight route.

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    They have postings on their website. They prefer you to have your Numavut LPN license already. Their isnt much turnover for lpns up there and the vacancies are usually a long term care setting. Just keep applying to postings but it does take a while

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    As an RPN i have worked and know people in all sorts of areas: LTC, home care, dialysis, medicine, rehab, maternity, pallaitive, pediatrics, complex continuing care and remote northern nursing.

    I am getting my BScN but that is because it is the next step for my eventual goal of becoming an NP.

    All nurses can and should provide cares because leaving someone in "poo" until a psw arrives to me is an ethical issue. Teamwork is vital in healthcare and this i am above providing this care to someone because its not my job is disgusting and i wouldnt want you as a nurse for me or a loved one.

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    Its only offered FT in person. Doing it
    Through distance ed can only be done PT (2 classes a semester). If you complete the first semester you can get permission to do 3 or more classes. I do my electives through Athabasca as well.