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  • Oct 4 '16


    I work at ST. Elizabeth in a rural area. I make good money per yr actually more in 2010 doing only homecare then in 2009 where i worked the hospital and homecare.


    No shift work ( not a morning person)
    Basically 9-5
    Work every other weekend
    My days off are my own - no call ins
    Schedule fits my life
    Able to write off my car, gas, office supplies on taxes


    Lower wages than hospital per hr but has been made up in other areas
    Doing paperwork in the evening sometimes
    Some days u can b slow and others busy
    Can have slow times at certain times but with hosp bed shortages the community is getting busier almost yr round
    Need to have a certain personality for it.

    If u want any other info just pm me.

    I have been in the community almost 2 yrs and love it!!!