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    Does anyone know if there will be an accepted students' day any time soon (c2011, I know you said you asked about this)? Or if they are receptive to accepted students visiting the campus? I have scoured the website for as much as I can, but nothing beats visiting, talking to faculty, and getting their "pitch."

    Hopkins knocked my socks off at their accepted students day and my deposit there is due May 1. So I am hoping to learn more about Georgetown and have the same opportunity to fall in love with them too. It's going to be a very tough decision, especially when I factor in the potential scholarship, which we probably won't hear about before May 1.

    I am going to need a killer pro/con chart to figure this one out!

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    Sorry to be a stickler, but this is a thread for the Georgetown ABSN. There is a separate thread for the GW ABSN, so maybe someone on that thread knows the answer.

    I get excited when I receive a notification that the Georgetown thread has another message, only to be confused and disappointed when I see that most of them are about GW!

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    I applied for the traditional BSN to MSN nurse-midwifery track

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    Admission is still working on notifying people of acceptances. I heard about my acceptance to the traditional BSN yesterday ONLY after I received an email about financial aid and called admissions to find out the scoop. They then apologized for not notifying me; apparently I was supposed to have been called on Tuesday. They said they are pretty backed up.

    For people still waiting to hear on the BSN and everyone waiting for the MSN - hang in there!

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    I was told that the MSN Midwifery track committee is meeting today to make decisions. So hopefully some of us will hear by Monday! Any other Midwifery applicants have their interviews with Betty and Dr. Fehr?

    Still no word on the regular decision traditional BSN though. But if someone is accepted into the MSN then than MUST mean you have been accepted into the BSN too, right? It would be a waste of the committee's time to be reviewing MSN applicants who haven't been accepted to the BSN so I can't imagine they would do that.

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    Any applicants to the Georgetown ABSN program for Fall 2011 out there? I have been reading old threads from last year and for applicants to Spring 2011, but it would be nice to have a place for Fall 2011 applicants to talk.

    From what I read in past threads, the application to the WHC program is sent out any day now and we hear about whether or not we are being interviewed at the end of February.

    So who's out there?

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    I am also a regular decision, traditional BSN/MSN applicant I have been trying to figure out our timeline from this thread and last year's, but it's hard to tell. Most of the discussion is about the ABSN or early applicants.

    I had my interview for the MSN program on 2/15 and I have another interview next week. I am applying to the midwifery track so there are two directors of that program that I have to interview with. My interviewer said we hear about the MSN in early to mid March. But I understand that the BSN and MSN decisions are completely separate and will come at different times.