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  • Apr 14 '11

    Hi LizLemon and others,

    True to form, GT responded within 24 hours to my email about admitted students day and the scholarship interviews. Here is what they said:

    "We will be sending out an email shortly with information on our admitted student events and WHC scholarship interviews. The admitted student events will take place in the afternoons of Friday, April 29th and Friday, May 6th. WHC will be conducting scholarship interviews on the mornings of Saturday, April 30th; Monday, May 2nd; and Saturday, May 7th. WHC will then release the scholarship decisions the week following the final interview session on the 7th."

    I must say that Georgetown has a much better response time to emails than George Washington. I was accepted at George Washington, and have emailed and called with several questions since, but have heard nothing back. I even had to submit my $275 deposit to GW without any of my questions being answered. Not sure that response time can be used to measure program quality, but it's hard to not feel somewhat influenced by this type of thing.