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  • Jun 5

    Most DNP programs will allow you to take up to 5 years to complete. Why not begin a program full-time (before you'll have to juggle clinical hours) and then reduce to part-time if need be later?

    People value and hold dear different things differently, and you know what? 'Aint nothin' wrong with that. Some people place a great deal of value in their life on a lack of debt. Many people literally cannot be happy with too much debt because they worry themselves sick with it. Personally, I am a happier person moving forward with my educational and professional goals so that I can practice in the manner I believe I am best suited - even though that means taking on some extra debt. I may have some added financial/lifestyle burden in the end, but my life and my practice will be enriched, and that is more valuable to me than money. To each their own.

    I won't say anything about your kids, because in the absence of real neglect or harm, I think telling other people how to raise their children is the nth degree of tackiness. Only you can know whether or not you are striking the proper balance in your family life.