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  • Jan 25 '11

    If it were my project...

    --physiology of normal bone, focusing on the deposition/resorption of the pertinent minerals and the role of estrogen in the process
    --the patho; what goes wrong
    --results of the patho explained in part 2 (comparison pictures on a slide for this would look good)
    --risk factors
    --demographics of patients most likely to get osteoporosis
    --clinical manifestations and most common presentations that lead to a diagnosis
    --primary prevention (how to avoid it in the first place...I've seen research that indicates the best prevention occurs during the teenage years, and I'm sure you can find references.)
    --secondary prevention (screenings, recommended ages, etc.)
    --tertiary prevention (medical treatments and nursing interventions)

    Keep any text on your slides succinct with just "prompts" for you to do the talking.

    Good luck!

  • Dec 22 '10

    Here is an example of drug cards made in microsoft word. Someone else posted these at allnurses but I just can't seem to remember who. Anyhow hope these help someone.