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    Blue Roses,

    THere is a time to soldier on and there is a time to stop and take a breath. If even half of what you report is true, you are far past the soldiering on part. Your HEALTH is at a stake here and it sounds if it is in jeopardy. Part of being a nurse or even a responsible person is knowing that you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. We laugh and joke about big bladders and no breaks but I've never heard a nurse praised because she had a gaping bleeding wound and still decided to go into work. And mental health can be, just as any other medical condition, a gaping bleeding wound.

    Lives are in your hands but not the least is YOUR OWN.

    Take a breath and put things into prespective. You do no one any service by going past your breaking point. YOur boss, your job, your career...they can all wait and be fixed later. Twenty years from now your bosses opinion will make little difference. Getting yourself healthy now could be.

    Best of luck and good health to you.

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    Really? Bolus? REALLY?

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    Three reasons I think the flu shot is an exercise in futility.

    1. The Flu, unlike most of the other conditions which have a vaccine to prevent it, is a MUTATING virus. It changes as it goes. Hence the reason why there are several strains floating around at any one time. There is not a flu virus. There are flu viruses floating around. The best those who make the vaccine can do is guess which one will be most widespread and most virulent. In case of a pandemic, which is what the CDC and WHO and other agencies fear, it will be caused by an entirely new strain which none of us will be protected against. Hence why it will be severe. No one will have immunity. They're playing an odds game here people. And no one but the dealer ever wins in gambling.

    2. Any vaccine, regardless, attacks your immune system. No vaccine that I know of at present will give you the disease/virus that it protects against. However, it will lower your immune system allowing other pathogens an opportunity to make you ill. I work in a hospital people and I have children. I am very very rarely sick as are most of my fellow co-workers. I have been exposed to EVERYTHING but Ebola and my immune system rocks. Why would I deliberately lower my immune system, get myself sick and then pass it on to my family AND my patients? And this for a vaccine that might not even be effective for the flu virus passing around in my area?

    3. The MMR and polio vaccines are universal or they try to be. One HAS to get it enter any type of school today. It protects us against incredibly dangerous diseases. The flu vaccine is NOT universal and never has been. By its very nature, it cannot be since the vaccine only protects against one strain. One argument for getting the vaccine is to protect the patient against the nurse carrying it. Fine. But since when has a patient existed in a bubble? Aside from the exposure from other sick people in halls, common areas, procedural areas, there is the exposure from the techs, secretaries, case managers, doctors (who see half the community in their practice) family and friends. All of which can enter and leave the room at will, most without any protection to the patient and then proceed to touch, feed, hug, hold hands, bathe and crawl into bed with the patient (I speak of kids here people...sheesh.). Good luck at trying to convince a three year old not to crawl into bed with Mommy. And preventing touch can be just as dangerous as a flu vaccine. When people are sick they NEED touch...not to have people wrap themselves in protection and cower in the doorway and scream their questions. We don't require that family members show proof of immunity. Why are we so insistent that a nurse in the best of health and with a very good immune system would be the culprit in spreading the virus? And has anyone heard of a DOCTOR being fired for refusing a vaccine? I might get my hands on 5-10 patients a night from direct contact. How many patients in the practice and in the hospital has he/she come in contact with?

    Well that is my two cents. I have refused to take the vaccine this year. I have already had three brushes where I know I have come in contact with the flu virus taking care of family members or patients. I am still not sick and no, no one caught it from me. That said I have to feed my family and would not have gone as far as the nurses who stuck to their guns and allowed themselves to be fired. But I at least want to salute them for their courage at standing up for their rights and convictions. I doubt I would be able to do the same in such a situation.