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  • May 2

    i love allnurses . . . i get all of my questions answered quickly, the wealth of information available on this site is invaluable and there are some brilliant men and women on here who exemplify the essence of nursing . . . intelligience, academic achievement, intuition, skill, compassion, morality, selflessness, service, critical thinking, and the list goes on.

    awesome site!

  • Aug 20 '15

    rehabilitation is the method use in restoring a patient to their greatest potential for independence. restorative care is the nursing care that is centralized in restoring a patient to their greatest potential for independence.

  • Jul 19 '15


    i just started a cna course and i'm loving it! i just discovered the pct forum and was very excited at the thought of providing patient care, drawing blood, handling specimens, and monitoring heart activity. however, the director of my cna school says that cna's don't do all of this, and that pct is another name for cna and they do the same thing, at her hospital.

    my aunt, who is a respiratory therapist says the same thing.

    i've registered for an ekg course and plan to do phlebotomy as soon as registration opens up for the next course.

    can the pcts here just sign on and let me know what you do, and in what state . . . just looking for a bit of support and justification for continuing with my plans . . . i don't want to certify and then not be able to use my skills.

    by the way i've been reading job postings as well to get a feel for what "techs" can do.

    all posts are greatly appreciated.