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  • Nov 5 '13

    Quote from chaching
    Hi! I already took the IELTS and passed the required band scores of 7 all. I do have hospital experience but it was only for two months. I am currently employed as a company nurse and I plan to work here for a couple of months to complete the required APHRA nursing experience of not less than 3 months. I have a dilemma and I hope anybody can help me out. I wanted to do the 3-month bridging program and at the same time, bring my partner with me. But the thing is, is it possible? I really need to bring him with me since it will be his relative who will sponsor my studies. If not, I still have the option to take the 1 year course instead. As I said, I already got the required band scores. Do I still need to take another IELTS upon completion of the 1 year program in order for me to be registered? And what specific type of student visa is applicable for the 3-month bridging program? I guess the eligibility to bring a family member depends on the type of visa. Or can you suggest ways as to how I can do it? I am really confused right now. I am trying to hit two birds with one stone. Thanks!
    Hi Chaching.
    You can apply for an assessment with AHPRA provided that you have the required experience, and applicants who are granted with a Letter of Eligibility from AHPRA can do the 3 months Bridging Program as well but to tell you honestly, a 2 months hospital experience and an employment as a company nurse won't suffice especially if we are talking about getting an sponsorship after taking the course. A lot of Bridging Program students who have enough experience (like 5 years and up) are also having trouble finding one. There are lots of nursing vacancies here however, only few offers sponsorship.. Very very few. If you are doing the Bridging Program, the school will either require you to apply for a Student Visa (Subclass 575) or a Short Stay Visa Business Stream (Subclass 600). I just don't have an idea if you can actually bring your partner with you. Maybe we can ask from other members here. Student Visa will allow you to work up to 20 hours per week but definitely not a nursing job.
    As long as your IELTS is valid, even after taking a one year conversion program, you don't need to take another examination.

  • Aug 24 '12

    Quote from tinram
    Can any of you please help me with collecting all the requirements for getting a letter of eligibility from AHPRA, Im trying to read as many threads from this site but I cant find a COMPLETE set of requirements. Such as TORs, course descriptions, ielts of 7 and all...

    I also looked into Ahprahs website but i cant understand the specifics on what documents i should send to their office. My parents dont want me to get an agency because of the risks that's why Im alone in fixing my papers and i really need your help!

    Could any of you PLEASE post on this wall or PM me a complete list of requirements for AHPRA, PLEASE GOD BLESS!
    If you have browsed their website then I guess you already know where to get a copy of the AGOS40 form, everything is in there. For further questions, don't hesitate to drop a message.

    Good luck!

  • Jul 18 '12
  • Jul 10 '12

    Quote from gmker

    i read from your previous post that you have done your bp at etea? when did you take it? i would like to know, how's the status of etea when you had your bp with them> because, etea is not on the list anymore for the approved program of study on the ahpra website... how much did you pay before when you had your bp with etea. and can you give us info on how's the bp with them?>is it difficult? did you find an employer immedaitely after the bp. hope you could give us updates. cheers...
    i did my bp with them last oct 2011. quite easy. 2 of us that did our placement in a hospital outside sydney got offered jobs after the bp by the same hospital. there are 6 etea students doing their placement in our hospital right now. all of them got offered jobs under the new grad program after they get their rn license. 3 have accepted the job offers. the rest have other plans of their own. i will be finished with my new grad program this november. the hospital has promised to renew my contract and they will put me in the icu as what i have requested. i have been working here for almost 6 months already and i have no regrets. and the hospital has promised to start processing my pr after 6 months. couldn't ask for more from them. i have even applied for a 2 day study leave end of this month for a short course offered in sydney. the hospital not only paid for my 2 days, they even shouldered my tuition fee.

  • Jun 18 '12

    Quote from bite_me
    . They got my "further documents" last May 21. Sumitted my papers to them Sept. 12, 2011!!! 9 looong months of waiting.
    Hi bite_me, How was your application with WA? I just received my LOE this afternoon from WA after 8 months of waiting...I hope you received yours too

  • Jun 18 '12

    Finally got my approval letter from Ahpra-WA!! 7 months of painful waiting! for those who are still waiting, dont give up! and keep praying!

  • Jun 18 '12

    Quote from vanessa2685
    Finally got my approval letter from Ahpra-WA!! 7 months of painful waiting! for those who are still waiting, dont give up! and keep praying!
    Congrats vanessa!!

  • May 9 '12

    How is your Nurses Week going so far? Get any cards?

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  • May 9 '12

    Quote from yukishih
    I really suck on writing subtest of IELTS that's why Im considering the offer from Einstein. This is the route that I think will work for me to get the desired rating as required by the AHPRA. im such a loser
    Don't be, it is cheaper to take first the BP in the long run and faster to be registered if you have the IELTS.

    I know of a lot of IELTS takers who took it for so many times. You will get it right the next time.

  • May 9 '12

    Good day everyone....

    I'm one of those lurkers and members here in Allnurses since 2009. and just started to accummulate all documents last 2010 and pass my docs 2011 july in aphra. I recieved my eligibility letter early october of 2011 and just waiting for my ielts results.

    I took the IELTS exam lots of times (5x) to be exact and there was a moment that I just loose hope of not taking it anymore and just be a plain age carer.. But my husband supported me and encouraged me to pursue nursing since i already had the eligibility letter.

    Then I got pregnant and its unexpected but it is a wanted pregnancy coz we have been waiting for this for 2 years.. so that adds to my motivation to do good and pass IELTS for the sake of me and my tiny 6 month young baby in my tummy..

    I checked online for the result yesterday and Finally for the fifth time of taking IELTS I Ace it with OBS of 7.5... I'm so happy of what I've got. I can start scouting for some BP school now...

    Praise and Honor be to God.

    For those who are having difficulty passing their IELTS exam just keep on practicing and never loose Hope, faith and trust in HIM.

    We will all be getting our goals and aims in time..

  • Apr 13 '12

    Quote from vanessa2685
    Yes, most of our applications have been escalated for final approval.

    Answers to your questions:

    I follow up once or twice a month. Through email mostly.

    We are receiving the same generic email, but if you try to call them, they could give you more details.

    They (The Board) would usually meet once a month, this is also true in other states, this was confirmed when one of the forumers here called the Ahpra office in WA, another one also got an email about it. Try to read back 5 pages or so of this thread. I think it was Marclouiemarco's post (Ahpra-NSW) The minutes of their meeting are usually at posted at ahpra's website.
    Thank you for your prompt reply. I guess we all have to wait with a good attitude and fervently pray for God's grace regarding this matter.

  • Mar 24 '12

    Quote from vanessa2685
    aila, ladydee-rn, g3stalt, mr. e-nigma, kringkring, angelslove, irin, ishtin:

    here's ahpra-sa's reply to my inquiry regarding the transfer:

    "thank you for your recent enquiry regarding transferring your application from wa to sa office.

    as you received a notification from wa office advising your application has now been escalated for final approval, i would strongly recommended that you keep your application form in wa for finalising. transferring the hard copy of the documentation from wa to sa office can impact on processing time.

    in sa, we process applications in chronological order, from the date the documentation was received. in your situation this would be from the date we received your documentation in s.a.

    the standard timeframe for the assessment of registrations is from 3-6 months. however every application is assessed on its own merits therefore this time frame is only a guide and cannot be guaranteed. so therefore, by transferring your application from wa to sa office, we cannot guarantee that we will complete the assessment in time for your bridging course this may 2012.

    ************************************************** ************************************************** *********************

    no reply yet from ahpra vic. but i have decided stick it out with ahpra-wa. patience, patience, patience.

    thanks for the info... i think i will inquire again on monday.. can't wait for april to get an update again... but we do need to be patient...

  • Mar 24 '12

    I am finally done reading the almost 800 pages. Kuddos! I am so glad that I stumbled on this page because just by reading this, it would save my family around 80k Php on migration consultancies who would just paint Australia like a virgin land for overseas nurses with a promise of greener pasture. Unlike this thread, it gives you a glimpse of reality making you more cautious on the life changing decision you are about to make.

    I haven't started my AHPRA application yet. I have to retake my IELTS again sometime this May because I can't find time right now. I just want to ask some questions regarding my work experience, and I hope someone can enlighten me on this one.

    My work experiences:
    1. 7 months volunteered experience in a tertiary hospital.
    2. 1 year school nursing
    3. Currently employed as a nurse in a small mental institution that caters 60 patients max.

    Is my school nursing off the list as a work experience because it is not a hospital setting? What about my recent job in the mental institution? Are institutions or small clinics recognized by AHPRA, bp schools and possible employers?

    Thanks in advance Nurses!

  • Mar 3 '12

    There are agencies out there offering big loans and not disclosing all the conditions, interest rates etc until you sign up.

    This is totally against Australian practise and totally illegal here....everything before signing anything must be disclosed, including if you manage to pay off earlier, everything must be out there written on paper.

    Think very carefully before taking loans out on the priviso that WHEN you get work you will pay it off....
    The government has tightened up on how employers offer long term business visa's and this is what is needed for you to stay and work in Australia.

    If possible try and raise the money yourself with family or some source that you know were you stand if you get work or do not get work, the pressures off. It would be a terrible situation if families had to sell homes, business, land just to pay your loan off because you were not able to get work. Especially those with no experience.

    Australia has a ready made workforce of graduate nurses, as it is, which makes it extremely difficult now, for an employer to state thate they need a nurse with no experience from overseas to take a position. Aged care also is becoming difficult. As international nurses moved into the rural areas to take those positions.

    It was possible in the past not now and actually was not too successful at times due to nil experience for clients and staff and nurse.

    Be extremely careful, the lure of the 'Australian' Dream my overtake the realities of not being able to pay for loans...and remember there will always be people willing to make lots of money on peoples beliefs and desperation of getting a job and making a better life, when at times it is just not possible.

  • Mar 2 '12

    I agree with irin.. it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to know almost everything about this thread.. i myself spent almost half a month reading this and still was not able to read everything.. i got most of the answers to most of my questions by trying to read everything