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  • Nov 26 '16

    I am the same way, I HATE confrontation, and don't want to come across as being disagreeable. I recently accepted a decent promotion, and when HR called to "officially" offer me the position, she offered me about $0.65 in raise. I (legitimately) paused from shock... and in the silence, she said: "was that not what you were expecting?" I told her I was expecting "a bit more, more like around $xx.00." Anyway, we went back and forth, and with a few more "pregnant pauses", she finally offered about $0.30 less than I had asked for to begin with(!!!), telling me that was her absolute max for my experience without going to "way higher up".

    I learned a valuable lesson... use the pauses to your advantage (especially if you are shell-shocked, lol!), and ask for what you think you deserve!!!

  • Nov 13 '16

    I actually called a code before the pt coded...

    I was talking with a pt and they seemed to suddenly act strange, my charge nurse happened to be walking by in the hall, and I asked her to call an RRT for me (rapid response team), (I didn't know what was going on but I knew it was bad!). I turned to the pt and said "nevermind... I think he's gonna code!" and pushed the code button. The code team arrived and the pt was still sitting on the side of the bed, (with me standing by wide-eyed!) the first couple to arrive asked why I called a code blue, and within a second the pt turned grey and fell backwards in bed!

    Long story short, it was a real code, I have no idea how I knew (I was still pretty new), and he didn't make it. We called his mother to come in and she didn't seem shocked at all. Very calm and matter of fact. I asked her if she was really OK and she said "I knew it was coming, he called me tonight and told me 'bye' and that he loved me very much, but that he knew he was going to die tonight"!!

    Anyway, trust your gut. If you know something is wrong but you don't know what, ask for help! Our hospital has a rapid response team, who we can call for help, another set of eyes, and just when you know something is wrong but can't put a finger on it!!