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If You Give a Patient a Cookie

by Mully - If you give a patient a cookie, they'll want a glass of milk. If you give them a glass of milk, they'll probably need to go to the bathroom. They'll be too weak to get out of bed so you'll have...

"When was the last time I wow'ed a patient?"

by Mully - I recently went to a job interview and one of the first questions I was asked is, "When was the last time you wow'ed a patient?" Up until this point I thought the interview was going pretty well. I...

Why nurses don't want to be identified in public?

by Mully - It's funny. I remember hearing nurses tell stories about being in the public and not wanting anyone to know that they are a nurse. I always thought that was strange, because I've always been so...

We are ALL on the same team.

by Mully - You know what I'm freaking sick of? Mixed-unit and mixed-discipline hostilities. Or at least that's what I call it. I'm talking about the constant complaints about everyone else in the...