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  • Dec 23 '10

    I know a few people said that it took them to the credit card page and they end up passing. I know when I take my test next month I will not do the Pearson trick. I'm going to pray and keep faith until I get the official test results. So just pray and keep faith. I will pray for you, blessings!

  • Dec 19 '10

    guys i used LACHARITY! I USED CRAM MASTER, I USED DELMAR! BUT HONESTLY YALL MAKE SURE U KNOW ALLL UR LABS! I GOT SOOOO MANY LAB QUESTIONS AND LUCKILY I KNEW THEM ALL! KNOWWW UR LABSSS!! i cant say this enough KNOWWW UR LABSSSS!!! LOL my frnz tht took this a couple of weeks said the same thing know ur LABSSS!! lol and they had allot of priority questions, the lacharity book will honestly familiarize u with delegation and prioritization! i hope everyone passes! and if theres anything else u need to know let me know guys i love to help! infection control was there i got maybe 5 questions...but def know LABS,CULTURE,and INFECTION CNTRL... hmmmm lemmie think about wt else.... o well i didnt get any audio questions, neither than 2 of my frnz... but just in case u can look up breath sounds on youtube ..and hmmm lemmie see wt else..

    the MOST important thing is NOT to rush urself into takin this exam. make sure YOUR READY! dnt take it bcz ur frnz are takin theres or bcz of any outside pressure! i postponed my test twice because i wasnt ready and if def paid off! youll know when ur ready when ur SICK AND TIRED OF STUDYING And actually ready to just get it the heck over with! lol i was sick and tired thursday night n i took my test friday morning.


  • Dec 11 '10

    So I took my NCLEX-RN exam today for the 3rd time and let me tell you it was really tough!!! I studied using and a 3 day course from I walked into the testing center nervous but confident that I was gonna pass... The other 2 times I wasn't as motivated to pass as I am now due to my circumstances... I hid my test date from everyone except a select few and I'm glad I did... I panicked when it past 75 but still pushed myself to answer the questions.... Finally, it stopped at 199 and I was exhausted when I left the testing center.... I was debating on doing the person vue trick or not but eventually did... I even had my boyfriend click the NEXT button because I was too chicken to do it..... And the wonderful POPUP CAME!!!! I cried and cried because the other 2 times it went straight to credit card so I truly BELIEVE in this trick!!!!! I prayed to God along with St. Joseph of Cupertino and they were really watching over me!!! God is good!!!! I can't believe I can finally say to my family and friends that I AM AN RN NOW!!!!!

    To those who didn't pass the first time, don't give up hope!!! Keep on pursuing your dreams to become a nurse!!!! I thought that I was dumb because everyone in my class can pass except for me but i knew I can overcome this test and I DID!!! GOOD LUCK to all future test takers!!!!

  • Dec 10 '10

    After 2 days of anxious, compulsive (and a touch psychotic) web-site refreshing, I finally see my name on the Nursing License verification site!! So, in addition to the good news, I get to save $ on purchasing quick results!

    To Jason....I used the Hurst Review, and this was the best money I have ever spent in my life. I also purchased a few NCLEX books...and had started going through one of them when I realized I needed more than a book to make sense of things see, its been 15 years since I graduated from nursing school. (Can I procrastinate or what!?!)

    I was shopping around for review classes and had read good things on this site about the Hurst Review and the focus on core content...which was exactly what I needed. I took it online and it took me about 3 months to get through it. That sounds pretty lengthy, but I reviewed and reviewed and reviewed a topic until I mastered it, before I moved on to the next topic.

    To eine: The test was crazy, there's not ONE thing you can focus on cuz a million different things are thrown into each question, and one question is really like 4 questions. To pass, you must have an overall good understanding of how body systems work together and WHY an important disease does x and y and impacts z.

    Thank you to all the students who post here, this board has been soooo encouraging!

  • Dec 2 '10
  • Dec 2 '10

    Quote from eine
    any topics u can share from your test? will help i guess...big thanks to you!
    Well for me most of my questions were priority questions like what patient would I see first kind of thing, I also had nutrition and 2 calculation questions. The first time testing I myself knew nothing about calculations and it was very difficult for me so I focused on this part more when I was studying. I also hit the books hard on trying to find the best answer to questions that i new nothing about, that helped a lot since I had about 2 to 3 questions that I honestly new nothing about. I would say know your normal values and if you encounter a question that you know nothing of use the knowledge and eliminate the answers that you know fall within normal values. (I hope that made sense) but this is what I can give you as far as advice.

    I took a review course that was outlined to about a month every saturday 8 hours ms. Esther Gomez was great she is in california she actually was the start to me believing I can pass my test, that was in march. After that I studied at work i did questions and reviewed what I knew where my weak points. I tested November 12th and I actually cried before I took my test because I wanted this so bad and I knew the day had come to do it! I cried while I prayed before I went into the testing center and then looked in the mirror and said I can do this. I looked over the normal wbc, rbc, hgb etc and then off to test I went. I took my time with each question and took the answer I choose back to the question to see if it made sense. I took my break when I was given the time to, and looked in the mirror and repeated the words ms. gomez gave our review class, "as long as your still answering questions, YOUR STILL FIGHTING FOR THAT LICENSE AND YOU HAVE A CHANCE!" Got back in the test and continued the test shut off on me and I walked out with my head held high and nervous... I recieved a text from my mom today while i was at work and my results came to her house (i use to live with her then moved out) I HAD PASSED!!!! I cried at work for joy because lord knows I wanted it so bad. There is hope for us that did not pass the first time, it doesnt make you an less intelligent then those who passed the in their first try! GOOD LUCK and I hope I may have helped or encouraged you a little tonight. ****sorry for the long post lol**** *wine

  • Dec 1 '10

    You might not mean any harm but telling people that you don't know their studying plans at all a stranger so to say is really like coming off rude and degrading.Post your nclex tips and leave it at is about nurses encouraging others that are there already or need help getting there.Say what you did to help you when you were in there shoes instead of the opposite.Example: nlcex taker A is not sure of studying management;nclex passer B would say i study two hours everyday for two months from so and so time till so and so time.You get it now.Congrats on passing your nclex.

  • Dec 1 '10

    and buy a book with CD, Sometimes they have wrong numbers in answers for SATA ( for example 1,4,and 5), but rationals are correct with explanations.I think this book is very helpful to understand clinical thinking. DavisA for the NCLEX-RN Examination (9780803621879): Kathleen A. Ohman: Books

  • Dec 1 '10

    try this , they have lots of SATA
    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
    It is Lippincott 4000 cd questions

  • Nov 29 '10
  • Nov 27 '10

    Sure, pm me your email