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The following are articles I have written and shared with the nursing community. If you enjoy an article please leave a comment and tell me what you think.

The Knight and the Windmills of Nursing

I am never a better nurse than when I have just been a patient. A recent ER visit highlighted this fact. I was in pain, anxious, and very very tired of being sick for the past year. I will stress quite clearly that I do not like being on the gurney side of a hospital bed and that, coupled with my pain, made for very bad vital signs. The next few hours were what I had expected as a former ICU nurse-EKG ,blood work, etc. However, what struck me the most (probably because I DID expect those things... Read More →

The Journey of Death

Death, for many nurses, is the enemy. We come to work ready to conquer it or, at the very least beat it back, beat it down for another hour or another day. However, I never felt that way; as a patient, as a family member, or as a nurse. Death was never wanted, never welcomed but neither was it the enemy nor the ultimate loss in a battle of good vs. evil. For, you see, there is no battle with death, not really. It has allowed us to think we have won other battles but it was only a trick of... Read More →

Nursing is like a four year old vision screening

As a school nurse, a lot of people (including many other nurses) ask me what I do all day and I never really know what to tell them. Because, you see, every minute of every day is very different. You can go from putting on a Band-Aid to a life threatening allergic reaction in the space of mere minutes. You can go from a lice screening to treating a four year old diabetic who “can’t feel his legs” in a matter of moments. Then, there are the subtle things-the things all nurses who have a... Read More →

He rose again-a lesson learned

my second year working in the icu brought about changes, both good and bad. i was becoming more competent, more independent, and more secure in my knowledge base as not only a nurse but an icu nurse. however, with this level of confidence and skill came with it something close to impudence, a firm belief that if i hadn't seen it all then maybe i had seen enough. i find that in life, at least mine, that whenever i tend to get to this point, the universe makes sure that i learn that there is... Read More →

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