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The Knight and the Windmills of Nursing

by cav5 - I am never a better nurse than when I have just been a patient. A recent ER visit highlighted this fact. I was in pain, anxious, and very very tired of being sick for the past year. I will stress...

Nursing is like a four year old vision screening

by cav5 - As a school nurse, a lot of people (including many other nurses) ask me what I do all day and I never really know what to tell them. Because, you see, every minute of every day is very different. ...

The Journey of Death

by cav5 - Death, for many nurses, is the enemy. We come to work ready to conquer it or, at the very least beat it back, beat it down for another hour or another day. However, I never felt that way; as a...

He rose again-a lesson learned

by cav5 - my second year working in the icu brought about changes, both good and bad. i was becoming more competent, more independent, and more secure in my knowledge base as not only a nurse but an icu nurse....