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Joined Nov 18, '10. Plutonium261 is a Pediatric ICU Nurse, at hospital. He has '1 year as a PCA, 4 years in Home Health, 3 years as an EMT' year(s) of experience and specializes in 'Pediatric ICU'. Posts: 54 (37% Liked) Likes: 36

BSN. C/O 2016.
Cannot wait to see what the rest of this life has in store for me. Much luck to everyone out there, and on this site, with your education and/or careers.
P.S. Just wanted to say thanks (for past and in advance) to all of the people on here who have ever given me advice or a kind word. It most definitely is appreciated.

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Pediatric ICU Nurse, at hospital
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Pediatric ICU
1 year as a PCA, 4 years in Home Health, 3 years as an EMT years
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