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  • May 29

    I'm currently a critical care nurse and I love it - I love codes and vents and really sick patients. I am trying to decide between AGACNP vs FNP - I feel like as an AGACNP I may be more superfluous in the critical care environment, and I cannot work nights again and don't want to be a nocturnist/hospitalist.

    As an FNP I could work in the ER, and still have that critical care experience while also seeing more urgent care/primary care needs. However, I have *no* ER experience as an RN.

    Autonomy is high on my list of priorities.

    My mother passed away last November. I had planned to become a nurse practitioner to help take care of her because she was terrified to go to the doctor and refused to go. She was only 59. Her passing is my main impetus for doing this now - time is so short!

    I would like to be the kind of health care provider she would not have been afraid of. She had Asperger's syndrome and agoraphobia, and severe COPD and heart disease.

    I would love input from anyone currently working in these fields. Thank you very much in advance!

    Jamie RN, CCRN

  • May 29

    My path was mainly on-campus course work with few online courses. I took a few online courses (Phoenix), and these courses were VERY writing intense and VERY time-consuming. In fact, both classes were more work, by far, than any traditional three credit class I have ever taken. I prefer traditional course work in the sense that I enjoy building relationships with peers and having the opportunity for dialogue. I developed deep bonds and lifelong friendships with my classmates that I could never find online only. For me, the online courses lacked a richness of human experience and were merely a means to an end.

  • May 29

    Tons of jobs for ACNPs here in Pittsburgh in acute inpatient.

  • May 29

    I too see a lot of in-pt jobs and many specifically ask for ACNP's (Northern California). As someone not in the market for a new job, I do not know what the competition for the jobs are like but the area only has one ACNP program so the supply may not actually be that large. Having said that, a number of new hires in my workplace are transplants or graduates from programs out of state.

  • Dec 13 '16

    Sauce, although mostly true, I'm hardly lazy. That's all I am going to give your response as you know nothing about me. I was looking for opinions and I got yours.

    Insurance companies pay less on readmissions. One way to prevent readmissions is education. To truly educate a patient takes time. Time your boss doesn't like you to spend. I get the business model perfectly fine I came from the business world.