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  • Dec 4 '16

    You posted ANOTHER thread about this same thing? I guess you didn't get the answer you wanted on that other thread.

  • Oct 15 '16

    Gosh. I started out at $7.62/hour before I was certified, after I was certified 4 months later my pay went up to $9.62 (Idaho wages). The LTC facility I worked at gave a big huge 15 cents an hour raise every year -- at that rate I'd have to work 3 more years before I'd even break $10.00/hour, which comes to about $19200 yearly. Because I have 4 kids and I was the only wage-earner in the household I was not able to live on what I made, and I only survived on that because I had social security income from my children's father in addition to the hourly. Whether or not you can live on a CNA salary depends largely on your living expenses and where you work. There is a thread on this forum devoted entirely to CNA pay, that would give you a good cross-section of pay scales around the country from people who are making those wages not just from a website. However, if you look it up, CNA pay usually ranges from $8/hour up to $13-14/hour.

  • Sep 5 '16

    You guys are getting off track again. We're talking about partying in scrubs now -- focus, people, focus!!! Now I say you just can't be sexy in scrubs --- unless you're a guy. Oh yeahhhh.... a scrub-wearing young man with a nice smile and a stethoscope can always make me say....yes, you can take my vitals any time.....