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    And judging by the information in this post that you started, you KNOW we are willing to help out.

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    Quote from AddisonLawrence03
    oh my god I cannot believe you all are giving me this hard of a time. lots of ppl get help and don't get the third degree over one problem
    I think it would be a bit more beneficial if, instead of writing a response like this one, you showed us what you have worked out so far. That way, we can better point you in a better direction in pointing out any errors and points that you had correct. Also, you will learn if you do it first, rather than just someone doing it for you. However, with this attitude in this above post, you will be hard pressed for someone to help you now.

    Why don't you just show us your thinking, rationale, and what you've done so far? Then we would be abele to better help you. Good luck.

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    Quote from starmickey03
    I have been having a debate about this with some people. They swear that its so true, but I just dont believe it. I actually think its kind of silly, an old wives tale at best. Someone even told me that the MD's and RN's tell mothers this before they are discharged, but I have two kids and have NEVER heard of such a thing.

    So I wanted to come here and ask some of you experienced nurses about this. Have you ever heard of it and if so is there any validity to it?
    I know in the Italian culture, a wives tale is that a woman cannot can homemade gravy while on her cycle because she will spoil the gravy. I've never heard of the newborn tale, but that is definitely one to add to the list!

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    Quote from mixy5446
    I know for a fact that all Connecticut Community College credits transfer within the community colleges, as well as most State 4 year institutions. Also, as far as I know, Capital does NOT offer nursing at night. I know Northwest does, but they start the program in January not September.
    Rainbowbrite, if you dont mind me asking, which school did you apply for, and where did you read that they only use classes taken in the past 5 years to calculate the gpa?
    The Nursing Packets explain the 5 year rule. All transcripts dated 5 years from the date of application are calculated to determine a cumulative GPA. If a pre-req class is outside of the 5 year rule, they will use that class and only that class from that semester to calculate into a new GPA. And, yes all of the CCC credits transfer among each other.

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    CT here too. I had a co-worker cover my shift last night, and still debating on if I can make it today. Yesterday was my first shift I've ever missed and I feel terrible, so I have no idea what I'm going to do tonight. It's still snowing/windy in my town, and I haven't seen a plow on my hill since midnight . Ack, what to do! Hope everyone else is safe!!! :heartbeat

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    Quote from 22angie
    Hello everyone in da facility I work they use bed alarm and it gets da resident attention and yours. So ask about da bed alarm and they have chair alarms too. I hope this help u it do work and always put da bed to lowest position when you have a frequent faller. I feel you but I have learn not to wait on cna to put them to bed when I take them too there room b/c they take so long to put them down. U have to be mindful b/c u can't be everwhere and I know u feel right now that da nite nurse feel that way but u is a good nurse b/c u do feel bad that he felled.
    I understand your emotion behind this post, and I'm sure we all appreciate your advice. But please, please, please, just....I really don't know what to say without it coming across as snotty, so I guess I'll just leave it alone. To be honest, I didn't even finish reading the post, either the first time I read it or after I've reposted it.

    OP, you have received some excellent advice. I would definitely go to the next in charge about implementing some safer changes to prevent the falls in the future.

    I personally feel like out of all the workers at my job, all the "bad stuff" happens on my shift! I feel like I'm always calling 911 and the EMTs or have SOME sort of issue--it's like they all save it up for when I'm there! But no worries, as long as you provide your best care possible and do your best to try to implement some safer guidelines, then that is great! No matter how much he falls, even if it's once a week, you don't want the next time that he falls to be damaging. Good luck!!

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    Boy, with all the help you are getting on your homework, you should be done with nursing school in no time.

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    Quote from moorin
    What was your GPA/A&P1 grade/TEAS score?

    I'm trying to determine how much competition there is getting into the community college nursing program. I plan on applying to Capital, specifically, since it's the closest to me.

    I'm taking a few classes in the fall & summer, and plan on applying for the RN program later this year. I already have my bachelors degree in biology, but I don't want waste my money if they only choose people with perfect GPAs and TEAS scores.

    There is INCREDIBLE competition to get into this program, but it is worth it. As far as perfect GPAs and TEAS scores, as previously mentioned, count as 50% and 25% of admission, respectively. The remaining 25% is your A&P I grade. However, and keep this in mind as these are 2 very important points: a.) 60% is based on ranking, and 40% is based on a lotto. So no, not every person that is accepted is at the top of the pool. Some students with a 2.7 GPA, B- in A&P I, and 65% on the TEAS were accepted over kids with far better statistics due to the lotto; and b.) your GPA is based on 5 years worth of grades, and grades that are pre-reqs for the course (English, Bio, Computers, etc.) are factored to create one final GPA.

    For example, you have gone to three schools, one of which is one of the CT CC schools. The admissions takes your transcripts up to 5 years past, calculate quality points and grades, and formulates a GPA. If you took your English 25 years ago and received an A, that A will come into play also, but not grades that are older than 5 years that are NOT pre-reqs for the program.

    I do think that competition for this year's class will be less than last year. 2 years ago some requirements were changed, so students had to take an extra year to meet these requirements, leading to a huge applicant pool for the 2010-2011 year. I don't think that will happen for the 2011-2012 year.

    So yes, if you are serious about nursing, then you will apply and you will be determined and stick with it no matter what. I personally was wait listed and was heart broken. However, I stuck with it, stayed positive, and was called to start the program in the Spring.

    Any other questions I would call Capital's Nursing Director and they can help you further--as well as squish any rumors, because those run RAMPANT across campus. Good luck!

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    Yes, Alexander's is a great option. And if you don't have one local, you can order online. Here you go

    Alexanders Uniforms Dansko clogs, Barco uniforms, Cherokee uniforms, Koi scrubs, Red Sox scrubs


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    Wow, I really lucked out! We buy our uniforms from Alexander's Uniforms--we have a local shop here but I think they are online too. I spent $78 and this is what I got: 2 scrub tops, 2 scrub pants, 1 lab coat, and 3 school patches, plus they are sewing them on my coat and tops for free. Also, our name tags were $11, from our bookstore.

    I'll probably end up with Danskos for shoes, so that's $100.

    And there are little things, like a new watch, new socks, silly things like that.

    Also, I'm assuming you will need a stethoscope also. Check out for that. Have fun shopping

    Oh wait, if this makes up for anything, my first semester books are $1200!

    Good luck!!

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    Wow, and I thought my school policy was strict! We also have a no visible tattoo policy, and while all of mine are hidden, I do have a tiny tattoo on my inner left wrist. However, we are totally allowed to wear long sleeves under our uniforms, our lab coat, or a thick banded watch. I bought a watch from Prestige Medical that is water resistant and is made for the medical field which doesn't have a thick band, but a large face, which covers mine perfectly. I do have a tiny wrist, but maybe you can find a watch with a large face.

    Also, for what it's worth, I don't think make-up would do the trick due to how much you are going to be washing your hands.

    Perhaps they will let you wear a sweatband? I know that sounds grody, but it's worth a shot. Good luck!

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    Did you try posting in the Georgia state forum? You might get more responses there

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    I can't say that you are going to get may responses. Why don't you explain your thought process one way or the other and then other experienced nurses can compound upon that Good luck!

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    This was a topic in another discussion with some really good ideas also

    Germ fatigue... - Nursing for Nurses

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    Quote from CNA Sam
    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! I was you a few shorts months ago. I was saying "Whoo hoo I got into absn program!" Now I'm 2 weeks away from being done with the first of four semesters. Enjoy this "honeymoon phase". Nursing school sucks, but I love it. You have worked so hard for it, and don't stop working hard until you graduate!

    Remember on exams... two or more answers are right BUT you must select the best answer.
    Also, ignore the classmates who...
    1. Slack and still ace everything
    2. Obsess over getting A's in everything
    3. those who cram (not a good idea)
    Good luck!

    Also excellent advice, thank you! I'm unfortunately one of those kids who obsess over getting A's in everything, but I'm not expecting to in Nursing school. I'm learning how to NOT stress over these things (I even woke up at 2 in the morning spazzing out over the fact that I may not be able to wear a wrist watch, hahaha!)

    And yes, I have heard my friend's gripe over the "best answer" situation. Thanks for the warning as well, haha. Good luck with the rest of Nursing!