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Redefining "Abuse"

Abuse, within the context of geriatrics and especially long-term care, is a well-documented global phenomenon. Geriatric citizens are already a marginalized and oppressed demographic, so it’s not surprising that abuse is interwoven throughout the lives of these individuals. There is a plethora of research available documenting this phenomenon and suggesting and identifying key contributing factors within the context of caregiver abuse towards individuals. However, what is surprising is the lack... Read More →

So I have this rash... What do you think?

How many times has one of your friends or family monopolized on the fact that you were a nurse? "Hey Sis, so my poop is green.. what's wrong with me?"; "Hey best friend! So the other day I was at the club and, well you know me, drinking a bit too much and I blacked out. What could have caused that? You think I could have a brain tumor?! Oh my god, it's probably a brain tumor, I knew it!"; "Hey Mike! What's up bro! So, you know that Rebecca chick we met at the bar that one night? Well, I did... Read More →

Please Nursing, Stop Trying So Hard!

As I come to being 3 months away from graduating my BScN, I have reflected on the evolution of my perspective of nursing over these 4 years. Initially, it started off quite negatively. I even posted a quite hateful article about how "stupid" I thought nurses were and somehow managed to win second place for best article. In hindsight, I don't really feel like I am that hateful towards nurses anymore and I do regret writing that article. Though, I feel I have every right to be hateful and... Read More →

OK, So where did I learn this...?!

OK, So where did I learn this?! We’ve all been there, sitting in the exam room (be it for your RN license exam or just a nursing class exam) and you’re confronted with that question that makes you ask yourself “OK, so where did I learn this?”. They seem to happen more often than none, at least for me they do. And if you’re anything like me, when you are continually confronted with these questions you begin to, not only get really irritated, but start to question whether or not... Read More →

Conventionally Clinging to the Conventional

Convetionally Clinging to the Conventional In this day and age there is a growing population of elderly and chronically ill patients. With major chronic illnesses like major depressive disorder, coronary artery disease and HIV; people are relying more and more on pharmaceuticals to sustain, enhance and control their life, effectively reducing morbidity related to their chronic illness. This seems pretty straightforward and apodictic, right? Wrong. Recently we... Read More →

It's RN, not MD.

As a student nurse I have been quite bipolar. Going through phases of loving nursing and phases of hating nursing. I have come to understand that this is a basic part of nursing. You either accept it or get out. One will have times of euphoria and one will have times leaning towards wanting to kill oneself. I have come to retract much of my prior ideas and beliefs of nurses and nursing. I used to have a really negative view of nursing as a profession and though I have not totally shifted... Read More →