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    I will ask my preceptor that. Thank you so much. That's a really good suggestion.

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    Thanks for the clarification. That makes sense. And thank you for the suggestions. I found several useful tools from ASIA and am planning to explore both websites. I'll also check out Craig and Shepherd Hospitals' websites.

    Honestly IDK what to expect so I'm nervous. I'm so used to being in a regular unit like Med-Surg and Cardiac CU. So when I heard Rehab I automatically thought "what's the difference?"

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    Thank you so much. I was thinking Neuro and musculoskeletal would be the main focus. But reading about SCI a little more, I realized there are a lot of other important things that I need to focus on.

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    Hi everyone. I'm a nursing student and I found out yesterday that I was assigned to do my clinicals at a Spinal Cord Rehab unit of a hospital. I have never been to a rehab unit ever in my entire 3 years in nursing school and have no idea what kind of assessments you do for patients in a rehab unit. I did research last night but aside from neuro assessments I'm still clueless as to what I need to do for the patients.

    Can anyone please enlighten me? I'm guessing since it's a Rehab unit it's an outpatient right? So what kinds of assessments are necessary for spinal cord injury patients? Is there a universal assessment tool available that all hospitals use? I need to make a time management tool but I'm having trouble making one since i dont know what you do in a rehab unit.

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    HI everyone. I'm doing a research related to cardiac nursing. I'm really interested in the heart so I want to focus on it for this research project even though I'm doing my preceptorship at an Oncology/MedSurg unit.

    So basically we are supposed to develop a research proposal. So I would like to ask those of you who works at CCU what issues/problems have you seen/noticed in your unit that you think needs to be addressed/changed?