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  • Jan 31 '14

    Nice! Congrats!! I got my dream job in the mother/baby unit pretty fast, too. I worked really hard to get that job! It feels amazing. I have been looking at my old textbook and looking up notes online to refresh my memory.

  • Jan 31 '14

    Congrats! I finally made it out of orientation two weeks. I am so excited and loving every moment

  • Jan 31 '14

    I just wanted to say-CONGRATS!!

  • Jan 31 '14

    I recently heard a story about a husband passing out and cracking his head on the ground. Could be that the anesthesiologist prefers to only have to worry about 1 patient in the room ;-)

  • Sep 11 '12

    Back rubs, foot rubs, a good scalp massage...heck, if they're really cranky I'll sit and snuggle with them for an hour or so. Of course, things are a little different in the NICU.

  • Jul 23 '11

    Hey dianemiller
    You don't have to be flexible or thin to do this. Just reach in with 1 finger and you will feel something that should feel firm and about as long as half your finger. It may sound gross but it is almost like the head of a penis (but not as big). If you have had children vaginally it will feel like a slit or just a dimple if you havent.
    I was able to check my cervix during my cycles to check for ovulation/fertility and during labor. With my last baby my co-workers just asked what i was dilated to and never checked me upon admission!
    good luck finding your cervix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel it is important to know about your body and this is just one of the many amazing things you have as a woman!!