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  • Apr 25

    I have been in the exact same shoes as what your experiencing. When I first graduated my CNA program I got a job at a LTC/Rehab facility. I worked rehab (10 patients a piece), well the nursing home section was short so I got pulled over there. I had 15 patients from 7a-7p, it was the most miserable day of my life. For one, 10 of those patients were incontinent and I knew I could not provide the care each resident deserved. Every time I went to work I would cry and pray I would not get sent over there again. I applied for a CNA job at the hospital where I now work and I absolutely love it. I usually have 6-8 patients and have never had over 10 patients. Of course, you have days that are bad, but the teamwork is so important in healthcare. I've found the nurses and aides work very well in a hospital(well, at mine at least). Whereas, when I worked LTC/Rehab when I needed help from the nurse whom was sitting at the desk planning her wedding and gossiping looked at me like I was crazy and said "no". I knew then, I did not want to work there anymore.

    Like Esme said, it does take special people or people that don't care. I, too have seen both...95% just did not care and you had the very few that were angels from heaven.

    Remember...this does not last forever! You are half way through nursing school and the experience is priceless. When I do become a nurse, I will remember those days and if I ever have "down time" I will offer my help to those aides that truly do care.

  • Apr 2

    My test was like everyone above, you wash your hands for the actual skill part and after that just state that you would wash your hands. I was very nervous too, because I didn't like performing in front of someone. Just remember, patient safety and privacy, and of course hand washing. When in doubt, say provide privacy or wash hands. They can't fail you for putting in those kinds of steps. But, they can if you fail to mention it. Good luck and relax! :-)

  • Oct 27 '17

    Being that our linen carts are in the bathroom, it is simply impossible when you are by yourself handling a patient that say, can't stay turned on one side to be changed for so long. So, what I do is put a few clean towel down on the floor and then put the soiled linen on top of that. I would love to hear others input for new ideas that are realistic and cleaner.