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  • Oct 20 '17

    I have just accepted a telephonic case manangement position with one of the companies you mentioned.I had applied to the 2 you mentioned. One of the companies advertised in Nursing Spectrum an open RN Interview day- I went to that. The other was strickly an online application from a google search under case managment nursing position. Check out Unitied healthcare group, BlueCrossBlueSheild again, Aetna, Cigna any other major health care insurance companies. I got my new position by looking on their web site for a position they posted in my area. I was very leary because the location is a high crime big city. But I felt there was no harm in applying - all I could get was a rejection email letter and It's not like I haven't got them before. I was afraid it would be home visits in dangerous neighborhood. But it is all telephone.
    I have 30 years RN experience. Most of which-29 years is acute care bedside hospital- med/surg/oncology(18 yrs) tele/cardiac stepdown medical and surgical(7years) 2 yrs ambulatory care- outpatient smaeday surg and 1 year clinic which includes telephone triage and telephonic nursing consultation. I wrote my resume to talor my clinic telephonic experience to how it relates to case manangment of the patients. I have taken some coursework as 1 day seminars in case managment and UM(nursing spectrum also offers some big CEU courses in both case managment and UM) They helped get my mind gearing toward how nurses in bedside actually are doing case managment but on a short term basis- you are managing the patients you are assigned to in those beds.(you are monitoring their physical condition, their labs, their meds, how they are responding to these meds/course of treatment and do they still belong on your unit - are they sicker or do they need to be discharged home, with or without a HHnurse or to a rehab, their educational needs for self care, DME needs)
    I was called by this company after online applying for an interview. And offered the job within one week of the interview. It appears these 2 companies- and there are 2 more who have been asked by the states they offer insurance in, to offer medicaid plans- going along with the healthcare reform agenda. These companies have been offered contracts by the states to oversee the medicaid insurance needs of the underinsured and uninsured population which there are millions of qualifying people, alot of whom are those who have lost their jobs and lost their employer healthcare plan. For me, this issue of hopsital CEO's making big bucks and people with no jobs and no insure , this is a good fit for me. It's all I can do to be proactive and participate in it's solution. If I had the authority to fire these hospital CEO's or at least cut their salaries to a more reasonable levelin tune with the current economic times. I would in a heartbeat.( which is what needs to be done badly/long overdue and hopefully is the next step) I participated in a healthfair with fellow nurses at a commercial business industry convention and saw people who were once employed(self imployed, small business owers) unemployed/working class people who have no insurance and who brough their young children(also without insurance) to this convention. If I didn't know better - It looked like a sene from the Great Depression of the 1920's-1930's. I have worked in a hospital for 3 years an inner city "getto hospital" and saw the sickest of sick- again no insurance and not seeking care until the disease was so advanced it was ICU time.
    My advise is to read some of those CEU articles and think about how you case managed those med/surg and LTC patients and keep applying. These companies are having RN interview days and will continue to have because of the millions who will be getting the lower cost insurance if and when they can afford it. Right now, these case managment positions are only for RN's with experience which you posted- you have. Try re writing some of the job responsiblities of you work experience tailoring it to the case mangement mind set. Don't present your experience as a med surg or LTC mindset- just walking in and out of rooms to patients, doing assessments, giving meds- task oriented.
    I might add, I am nervous as 'all get out' to be starting this new job- as I have never worked in the corporate business insurance world (not a scrubs job), and I love the co-workers and the work I will be leaving at the clinic.
    Good luck to you.

  • Aug 1 '17

    I wouldn't let the nursing job find out about the second job. I found out the hard way-the floor Nursing job( was a per deim job) took for granted I was at their beck and call 24/7. They would call me on my non committed days knowing I had a TEMPORARY full time desk nursing job(I loved 8-4, no weekends, no holidays same pay as hospital). For the perdeim job- I would do more than my expected 2 shifts /6 weeks committment(I would go in on the weekends, holidays) The per deim job would call and ask me to come in @ 7A on a weekday-I couldn't. They terminated me- and 2 weeks before my temporary job ended. Like a jealous little school girl. So be careful w/ these second jobs and who knows about them. Many nurses through out the ages have had 2 jobs- sole support of a family- what is nursing's problem now?

  • Mar 29 '17

    Yes!! nurses get fired alot. It's not always for things that would make sence for a nurse to be fired over- drug diversion, call outs, gross incompetence. Nursing is the flavor of the month club. If the 'IT' clique likes you- your in, when they don't like you- your out. And it can be for the those life crucial things like- you know more than they do (aka. you threaten the poor little dears) you are more experinced than they are(aka. you threaten those poor little dears) your patients like you( aka those poor little dears are not liked by their patients but that becomes your problem not theirs. als insecurity, jealousy) But don't get me wrong, they do dress it up where it looks and sounds legit. They scrutinize. everything that you do: examples: you don't 'fit'in( aka- the IT group is a bunch of inexperienced dumb a** and haven't a clue what your explaining to them. Case in point: a non diabetic, vascular, dialysis pt with hypoglycemic episodes for 2 weeks who the IT group figured and stated "She's does that all the time!!" When you dare to ask the Doctor, turns out the patient is septic, Doctor sends pt to the MICU stat.) You don't document the way they do ( you document LATE ENTRY @*** and the dissertation of events. You are picked apart like a peice of meat. But when you document like you are talking to a bunch of simpletons because you are so damn pi***d you get rave reviews on you documentation), your med timing is not the same as their(aka: you could take longer because you ask more questions or see a side effect they have missed for DAYs- pt is behaving strangly because their TOXIC, your doomed, screwed and unemployed), perhaps you care about your work( aka the It group doesn't and you make them look bad, so your gone before that happens. US vs HER/HIM) and the list goes on and on and gets longer as you are in nursing longer. Oh yes. Nurses get fired more than should be and for more reason than something legit.( this makes the IT group feel like they have done 'do diligence', like they are actively participating in the manatory reporting process. Like they will receive a Bronzed Turd Pin for their accomplishment. Yes nurses get fired more so than other professions. Why because Nursing attrack mostly women who feel inadequate about themselves and this boosts their fragile fair egos- The helping profession, "I'm a Nurse" As evidence by- allowing other professions/diciplines/fields come in, take over nursing, create a disaster and leave with bank accounts worth millions. If you look at the turmoil nursing is in these days- the evidence of this are abundantly abound. Like a bunch of Wedding Planners who can't decise on a theme for 1 Wedding, Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth!! I have had Doctors say to me- Nursing creates it's own problems. How very true.
    Corrected spelling before the Bronze Turd recipients flame me. More important to spell correctly also in nursing.