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  • Oct 3 '16

    Union is not all about pay and compensation- they protect workers from "at will" and "that time of managment's monthly menstral cycle" terminations. There guidelines, which are the state department of labor LAWS, that management has to follow to terminate an employee. That is why when one goes to file an unemployment claim, they are scheduled to speak with an investigator who asks the terminated/fired employee why they were terminated and what happened. The managment can call it anything they want- their favorite is "misconduct" that employER has to prove it was ligitimate misconduct- a deliberate act of defiance- usually something very serious- stealing, workplace violence. If an employEE was expected to do something and it didn't get done through no fault of the emploEE- that is not misconduct- that is what the investigator wants to know- did the managment make supplies avail, enough personel avail to get it done, reasonable amount of time to get it done- if not then that is on the management/ aka poor managment practices not the fired employee. There are alot of other issues that managment labels as the employEE's poor performance and misconduct- that lawfully are not. But managment tries to get away with it. The union stops this before it get's this far. If a CNA refuses to do as requested for a certain nurse or nurses and the nurse gets written up because the task doesn't get done or the nurse is constantly getting into overtime because the nurse has to"do it their self" and managment writes up the nurse for excessive OT- that gets look at by the union who goes to the manager and questions the manager- why didn't YOU do your job!! That is why managment doesn't like unions- they have to do their jobs!!

    The union also has written rules in the contract against "floating to floors" that nurses should not be floated to- a jeapordy of their license issue. without a union a manager can float a nurse anywhere they please to make thier numbers look good and not have to call another nurse in/pay the called in nurse aka saving money for the "hospital" Kissing administration's backside and making the manager look good come manager bonus time but all the while jeapordizing the nurses license(your liveihood) and patient safety!!

    There is whole myriad of events that the unions put a stop to.

    If there were more unions in nursing there would not be alot of these horrendous posts of insidents that happen we are reading about on this site.

  • Oct 3 '16

    Nursing is in the state it is in because there is not enough unions to stop the outside interference- the short staffing, the unemployment in nursing, the excluding of the older nurses, the lack of decent pay for the services and responsibilities we render, the"dumbing down of our very existance, the handing over of OUR skills to UAP's which will gradually make us extinct- in some states there only has to be "ONE" RN on a floor, who do all think that RN is going to be. Some lonely little staff nurse. Heck NO! It's going to be the Unit Manager!!! They are purging themselves of all the staff nurses to have 1 big kohonna- The Unit manager, who has no experience in bedside care. The only butt they have been up is the CEO and adminstration's. The "Yes, man/woman" It's "staff nurse a cide"

    From being a union nurse for 18 years( 1985-2002) and watching our working conditions improve during that time-

    STAFFING NUMBERS observed BY MANAGEMENT according to acuity, if our census went over a certain number, we got an extra nurse, we were not scorned and,
    treated like the dirt on managment's boots, we were talked to differently, our professional opinnions mattered to our nursing managment),

    our pay increased( $12/hr- $32/hr not bad for 18 years, we had shift diffs, charge pay, weekend diff's, OT because of the staffing according to the acuity- nurses were called in to work and actually wanted to work because they wanted to help the other nurses on their unit out- there's a novel thought!!),

    our retirement benefits improve( although at that time I was still in my 30's and not caring about retirement).

    Comparing it the non union poop holes I've worked in since then:

    - the disrespect make me want to spit in their faces,

    the infighting is hell to even be able to concentrate in. No wonder so many mistakes are made and so many omissions- who can think straight with all this discord.

    CNA's performing licensed nurses tasks- check out the other thread where CNA put oxygen on a patient with out telling the nurse about the low pulse ox. The CNA's stating "do it yourself", it's become an insane assylum run by business degrees. The care is down right S****Y. Stop expounding on quality care there is none anymore.

    This customer service kiss butt crap is for the birds- I'm all for treating patients with respect and dignity no matter what but this "scripted nonsense"( ADAIT or some such rot, that you don't even get out in a resaurant much less post op throwing up all over the place) has got to go. So now we have ADAIT and crappy care!!

    I seriously don't think that there are going to be any older experienced nurse left in nursing once economically thing get just a tad better. I hear more and more each day of older experienced nurses taking non nursing courses in the community colleges to get out of nursing- I being one of them!!! And the younger nurses are getting into these courses also- so where is that leaving the care of these patient's??? "Mr CEO- don you gloves, you got work(real work) to do!!"

  • Oct 3 '16

    trulefty-I think if you supported your nursing colleages- in celebrating their gains for their contract and strength in solidarity., You wouldn't even be asking your original question, nor would you be bouncing around the country HOPING for your next paycheck and figuring out how to weather the dry spells of unemployement. If nursing stood together and KEPT their nose in other nurses job politics; there wouldn't be uphill battles trying to hold on to salaries, benefits, retirements, safety standards of practice and staffing regulations. There might even be a narrower bridge in salary range from state to state, in stead of nurses in the south making $15-20/ $30,000- $40,000/yr and Calif @$100,000/yr. With the number of nurses in this country- if we all stood with each other instead of some against - corporate healthcare would not have gained it's abusive power. This upper hand is dangerous to nursing practice- as we have all come to see with this strike in Sutter. Corporate healthcare IS controlling our practice through staffing numbers and disciplinary actions. This upper handed bullying cost a patient their life because an multimillion dollar BOOB/Ass++++ with no nursing knowledge, no Nursing or medical license gave the OK to hire a new inexperienced nurse( I'm sure this was not the only one on this assignment) from a nursing agency that he didn't check out for creditiblity,and didn't have a clue how to go about checking competency or even what the competencies were or should be - just "get me "x" # of nurses fast, the cheaper the better" and as a result, his poor judgement, poor leadership, lack of nursing knowledge and expertise caused a sentinel event that he will worm his way out of. He too is in way over his head. These MBA's( if he is even that) DO NOT belong in healthcare. This insident is a perfect example.
    If nurses stood together there would be no exploitation of a licensed inexperienced nurse(s) Shows all right there how corporate healthcare devalues the license of a nurse. This exploitation has happened more than with this strike. Look at all the complaints and posts here on this site of new grads and older nurses being terminated/fired for going to lunch, not reporting off, clocking out issues, not documenting in 300 places, and any other 'crack head charges' these ding-a-lings can think of. There wouldn't be so much job dissatisfaction. The patient/nurse ratios wouldn't be stretched to the limit. Nursing management would be held accountable for thier hiding in their office while these practice and staffing issues were occuring. Nurses wouldn't be handed early retirement packages at the ripe old age of 50(yes, I said 50 not 65). Corporate healthcare is ignoring the federal Labor laws (not just collective bargaining agreements but Federal Government Labor Laws). They are making this country unrecognizable, setting it back decades for their own personal greed and arrogance- they want to play God. Couldn't make it in med schoolor nursing so they are going to take the patient care decision making power away from those of us who did.
    Nursing would be treated like licensed professionals instead of "a dime a dozen" and we may even be able to get rid of the multi million dollar CEO and his board of mistrustee and board of dicktaters that are sucking the healthcare system's funds dry. Hospitals might not have to close due to lack of funds. One employee might not be collecting millions in a salary each year and that money could be put back into the healthcare sysytem. There may even be access to care when people have the begininning stages of illness instead of waiting for disease to progress to 'can't ignore' level. Your looking for strike work keeps feeding a very diseased greedy machine at a lot of peoples expense.
    The answer to this- Maybe MR CEO should learn how to get along with his co-workers(his nurses) and be a team player.
    No, Mr Fry, I don't live in California- I live on the opposite coast. We have your kind over here too - so fire me!!!!!!!!!! I work for the federal government- Mr Obama is my boss.

  • Sep 21 '16

    Yes!! nurses get fired alot. It's not always for things that would make sence for a nurse to be fired over- drug diversion, call outs, gross incompetence. Nursing is the flavor of the month club. If the 'IT' clique likes you- your in, when they don't like you- your out. And it can be for the those life crucial things like- you know more than they do (aka. you threaten the poor little dears) you are more experinced than they are(aka. you threaten those poor little dears) your patients like you( aka those poor little dears are not liked by their patients but that becomes your problem not theirs. als insecurity, jealousy) But don't get me wrong, they do dress it up where it looks and sounds legit. They scrutinize. everything that you do: examples: you don't 'fit'in( aka- the IT group is a bunch of inexperienced dumb a** and haven't a clue what your explaining to them. Case in point: a non diabetic, vascular, dialysis pt with hypoglycemic episodes for 2 weeks who the IT group figured and stated "She's does that all the time!!" When you dare to ask the Doctor, turns out the patient is septic, Doctor sends pt to the MICU stat.) You don't document the way they do ( you document LATE ENTRY @*** and the dissertation of events. You are picked apart like a peice of meat. But when you document like you are talking to a bunch of simpletons because you are so damn pi***d you get rave reviews on you documentation), your med timing is not the same as their(aka: you could take longer because you ask more questions or see a side effect they have missed for DAYs- pt is behaving strangly because their TOXIC, your doomed, screwed and unemployed), perhaps you care about your work( aka the It group doesn't and you make them look bad, so your gone before that happens. US vs HER/HIM) and the list goes on and on and gets longer as you are in nursing longer. Oh yes. Nurses get fired more than should be and for more reason than something legit.( this makes the IT group feel like they have done 'do diligence', like they are actively participating in the manatory reporting process. Like they will receive a Bronzed Turd Pin for their accomplishment. Yes nurses get fired more so than other professions. Why because Nursing attrack mostly women who feel inadequate about themselves and this boosts their fragile fair egos- The helping profession, "I'm a Nurse" As evidence by- allowing other professions/diciplines/fields come in, take over nursing, create a disaster and leave with bank accounts worth millions. If you look at the turmoil nursing is in these days- the evidence of this are abundantly abound. Like a bunch of Wedding Planners who can't decise on a theme for 1 Wedding, Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth!! I have had Doctors say to me- Nursing creates it's own problems. How very true.
    Corrected spelling before the Bronze Turd recipients flame me. More important to spell correctly also in nursing.

  • Sep 6 '16

    I was working same day surgery in NJ approx 2 hr south of NYC. The first OR outpatient cases were coming back to us. All us nurses were scurring around doing our usually routine of preop admits and receiving the post ops back. The TV's were always on all the time to keep the pt's occupied. I heard this one guy shouting "Nurse, nurse! " as I went by(me not paying attention to the TV's) I went over to him and asked him why he was shouting. This man was coming out off the stretcher at me. Then he started demanding "get this thing out of me" pointing to his IV, "I have to go!!" I told him He will go when he recovers from the anesthesia. He said- Do you see that!!(pointing tothe TV- the 2 towers had been hit and were on fire and smoking. I was not paying any attention to the TV's) He told me he was in the Army active duty and "this is war woman! Get this IV out of me, my son is coming in 2 min. to pick me up and take me back to the base. I work in supply" I told my NM and she talked to him and we let him go. I don't even remember if we gave him discharge instruction because when I went turned around he was gone in a flash. The unstarted surgical cases were cancelled and surgeries were cancelled for 3 days. Our hospital was going to be used for those who were non critically injured but needing care and as a morgue. The supervisors dischaged all the patients that could be discharged, transfered to SNF. The hospital was cleaned out in a matter of hours in anticipation of an onslaught of injured and dead- NOone came.

  • Aug 12 '16

    Nurses don't get to retire with the dignity and graditude that others get to retire with. They get pushed out, harassed, insulted degrades, nit picked and micromanaged by their nursing managment until they can't take it anymore and quit. Nurses are expected to"get out" after 20 yrs of experience. If you happen to be in your 40's at that 20yr mark, then you can eat out of soup kitchens and sleep in homeless shelters until 65 yr old when you qualify for medicare.

  • Jul 31 '16

    I just wish one of those bags of wind in Congress would ask a room, big room, full of nurses what they think. And if they, don't anyone shush anyone up. Not so much as one evil eye.

  • Jul 10 '16

    To all It may concern-

    My first RN nursing position back in 1981- telemetry stepdown unit( central lines, TPN, every surgical tube imaginable, hourly outputs, mixing our own IV meds from powdered forms and "dropping" the IV's every hour in addition to rhythm strips), night shift 11-7, the only RN for 24 monitored patients which meant- charge, 1- LPN and 1 Nurse's aid. Pay rate $9.00/hr( with shift diff and charge pay= 12.00/hr), 8 hr shifts- 5 days per week, rotate shifts as needed, every other weekend, float to ICU/CCU inturn, every other holiday! I was scheduled to work Christmas my first year. I proclaimed to my nurse manager that I could not work Christmas'- my nurse manager's reply was - This isn't General Motors. I can't shut the place down" Form that moment on - I got it!
    I was given 3 weeks orientation!

  • Jul 10 '16

    Vicky-This is a fantastic article and long over due. I have been on the recipient end of what you describe many times at age 56yr with 30 years acute care bedside experience.I have managed to sustain employment in nursing for the past 4 years with temporary- time limited positions that I knew from the start they were only 3 months and 6 months, perdeim agency here and there and the Immunization Clinics every Sept - Dec. All of which have been at a significantly lower pay rate that what I had been at in the hospital and my peers were making in my area. Don't get me wrong- I too sent out hundreds of application for full time positions. No feed back other than rejection letters and this is the one I found the most laughable: It was for a GYN oncology floor at a university hospital- I have 18 years oncology experience; they said "I didn't have the experience they were looking for" What ever does that mean! Yes, my DOB was a required field on the application.

    I have had to file bankruptcy to keep my home and have had no health insurance. I have no chronic health issues but as the result of no health insurance, I fear that day is coming soon. My healthcare consists of taking tylenol and OTC remedies and asking peers to take my BP.

    I might offer some suggestion for those fellow older nurses who find themselves in this position thanks to corporate America healthcare CEO's and the twisted minded nursing administrators who wish to follow them and reject their nursing ethics- of "Do No Harm"; These are what tid bits I have picked up finding temp positions in the Public Health Arena;

    Finding medical care- check out the free public health clinics, or the FQHC's( sliding scale) they offer primary care, some offer dental and vision. In working these clinics- I have found these clinics patient populations are filled with patient's with jobs who just don't have heathcare. Not just drug addicts and skid row bums. These clinics have financial counselors who can determine if you qualify for Medicaid, or the state's low cost health insurance plan and/ or "Sharing the Care" prescription med plan( meds are free of charge if you qualify) Walmart meds are $4.00.Some of these health centers have providers who only see patient's with no insurance.

    If you are unemployed- no matter what, go to the Unemployment office near you- do not take the nursing manager's word or all the myths associated with why you can't collect, Checkit out from the people that really know.

    Apply for the energy credit programs through your electric and gas company- in some states they give energy credit off your bill based on income

    Don't be afraid to file for bankruptcy. a Chapter 13 will protect the assets you have unless you want to give them up. There are places called 'Community Law Project" who are lawyers who serve the public pro bono( take on income qualifing cases for no fee) and are paid through the state. an indivisual can file Bankruptcy on line for free and this kind of filling is called Pro Se- that is what I did. All instruction and legal filling jargon and a handbook is on line and downloadable. I have not found the federal court or the judge to be either hospital, underhanded or discriminatory but quite the opposite. Case in point: when I filed, I found a vehicle listed on my creditors that was clearly not mine and the amount owed I would be responsible for paying. I asked the judge that since this vehicle was on my papers, and I would be paying for it, that I wanted this vehicle and asked the who in the court system was going to obtain the keys and drive it to my house. needless to say- it was removed from my paper work quickly.

    Nurtition- some Walmarts have fresh vegs and fruit at reasonable prices, check out the mom and pop road side stands, farmers markets, bottom dollars, aldi's. Cheap foods have alot of salt and cholesterol in them.

    Trim your house hold bills a smuch as you can- shut off the cable TV with all the fancy pay channels, swap out fawcet and fixtures for low flow( saves on water and sewer) shut off lights in the rooms you are not using.

    My belief is: Since Corporate America Healthcare CEO's have proclaimed they don't want us old Baby Boomers around and we are no longer employable due to our age- I am 56yr old. Medicare starts at 65yr for full coverage- that is alot of years to wait for Medicare. This is my contingency plan. let those CEO's keep on working- they can support me!!

  • Jul 8 '16

    To all It may concern-

    My first RN nursing position back in 1981- telemetry stepdown unit( central lines, TPN, every surgical tube imaginable, hourly outputs, mixing our own IV meds from powdered forms and "dropping" the IV's every hour in addition to rhythm strips), night shift 11-7, the only RN for 24 monitored patients which meant- charge, 1- LPN and 1 Nurse's aid. Pay rate $9.00/hr( with shift diff and charge pay= 12.00/hr), 8 hr shifts- 5 days per week, rotate shifts as needed, every other weekend, float to ICU/CCU inturn, every other holiday! I was scheduled to work Christmas my first year. I proclaimed to my nurse manager that I could not work Christmas'- my nurse manager's reply was - This isn't General Motors. I can't shut the place down" Form that moment on - I got it!
    I was given 3 weeks orientation!

  • Jun 11 '16

    I am not active duty, and I have never been active duty but I did recently work a military treatment facility for the past 2 years as a civilian RN contractor. I don't think Korea is a duty station where families would be allow to accompany the service member. I don't think the base there has a hospital. I think it only has a outpatient clinic. But double check on that.

  • Apr 5 '16

    ACA goes into in effect in 2014. It states all will have/ obtain health insurance based in ones ability to pay/income. Sliding scale fees, in effect mostly now. What's not to understand

    If one can afford the full policy rate based on ones income. Then that is what one will pay. Will need paystubs as proof.

    State exchanges will be set up- some states already have these exchanges in place. Insurance companies - Blue Cross/BlueSheild( called: MHP of what ever state), United healthcare( calls it: community and state), Americhoice( I am not familar with their "brand'). These are HMO's or managed cares. And based on where you fit in income wise- that is the company you are 'assigned' to.

    These policies are given at a discounted rate based on ones ability to pay; need a paystub as proof of income or lack of.. If a patient is unemployed and collects unemployment, need the unemplyment stub as proof, they are paying a discounted insurance premimum fee based on their unemployment income( a sliding scale)- could be $50/month could be $100/mo etc. there are co-pays: again based on the patient's income- $10/visit to primary, $20/visit etc. If the patient is working a minimum wage job or any job, which is what is happening now( many people are taking any job they can find, are overqualified for the jobs they found and are working and it pays more than unemployment and were part of the unemployment numbers), where no insurance/health benefits are offered- they too qualify for this. I believe employers, through the ACA, are being given incentives to participate in offering employees in these jobs health care bene's, in the form of being participants in the reduced rate plans. Bottom line: Less of a drain on the states charity care and medicaid because that is the other alternative if no ACA.

    Here is where my skeptism comes in- but it is not with the ACA, it is with the insurance companies. If these insurance companies can afford( and profit) to offer discounted insurance plans/ why have they, in the past and continue to charge other individuals a higher rate. How about, that is called the amounts of profit margin in the insurance industry!! These insurance rates have been negotiable for YEARS, long before ACA! This is not new with the ACA. When a patient with example BC/BS is hospitalized, the hospital contracts/negotiates with the insurance company to reimburse at set rate. That insurance company still makes a profit or they wouldn't do it!!

    If one doesn't qualify and can not afford any of the above plans- They can go to the "free clinics either public health or hospital owned, or at a private community based health center/ clinic. If they go to the private owned CBHC- they are "self Pay"- they go to the primary and are self pay/out of pocket. The fee for the visit is determined based on what the patient can pay for that visit- could be $10; could be $60.

    If they need to go to the hospital then it's charity care- which is a state fund, and an account set up for a patient at a certain hospital, meaning: that patient has met with the financial councelors at Hospital A, if that patient has charity care set up at hospital A, then if that patient 'needs' to go to the hospital, that patient goes to hospital A not hospital B. An active MI needs to go to the hospital- they go to hospital A where their account is set up. 'Needs to go" is not an 'elective' knee replacement does not "need" to go to the hospital/surgery. Charity care will not pay for the elective hospitalization or the surgery.

    Medicaid one must qualify for. it is my understanding that if an adult qualifies for medicaid- that patient will only receive medicaid for 5 years. and then they are dropped if they do not requalify. Children are different- the state has Children's funding(CHIPS) in place up until the child is 18yr old.

    IMHO, ACA is a way to control, if not stop, the price goughing by the insurance companies and those astronomical premiums that have priced people out of health care. If the insurance companies can afford to offer lower cost plans now with ACA( ordered by law), what the h*** were they doing all these years??? Why were so many people in this country without insurance, neglected their health until it was so bad they needed the expensive ED, thus admissions to ICU or were running to the ED for garbage complaints!!! I think ACA is the axe that feel on these big profits and people dying and mamed needless in the name of money.
    Check out the federal Dept of Health and Human Services website: i think i read that people who paid those higher premium rates will be receiving a rebate.
    ACA has other issues addressed: can not drop for chronic disease states, charging or denials for pre exisitng, college age kids on parents policies until age 26.