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I recently took a new job where I was just amazed by the teamwork displayed by the entire staff. I was just in awe. But now, the honeymoon is over. I'm starting to see the chinks in the armor. Like Neo in "The Matrix", catching glimpses of the true reality, I am beginning to "wake up". Don't get me wrong- the teamwork really is outstanding. Nobody ever utters the words "That's not my patient.", or when a physician asks who is taking care of Patient X, we might respond "Joe has been, but... Read More →

The Elephant in the Room

We know that lifestyle choices affect our physical health. Smoking, drinking alcohol to excess, eating too much junk food, inactivity....these things cause real physical problems for many people. The diabetic who drinks Coca Cola, the person with COPD who smokes a pack a day, we see it day in and day out in the Emergency Department. But there is another dimension to our physical health that those of us on the front lines get a frequent glimpse into. It's the mind-body connection. I... Read More →

But is it what she would want?

You know the ninety year old Little Old Lady or Little Old Man with advanced dementia, has an advance directive stating DNR & comfort measures only, sent in from the facility by ambulance because they're "just not themselves". If you work in an Emergency Department, you know the one I'm talking about. You carefully place the advance directive on the very top of the stack of papers sent with them from the facility so the doctor can't miss it, place the chart in the rack, and don't begin... Read More →