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    My sister was d/c from a med/surg unit after a 3 day stay for a severe asthma attack(unsure what triggered it) upon her d/c the nurse gave her a paperwork and said the company, carecentrix, would call her to set up a homecare nurse to come and see her and to bring any medications she needs. My sister told the nurse she needs a rescue inhaler and the nurse told her that they would bring her whatever she needed. They let her leave the hospital with NO inhaler?! My sister was so tired and confused when they d/c her, she did not push the issue. When I talked to her after she got home, I could not believe what I heard.
    I immediately had her call her Mds office to have them call one in for her and they could not believe they let her leave without an inhaler....ok my sister called the NS of the unit she was dc from and the NS told her it wasnt in her dc orders...ummm ok, well why wouldn't the dc nurse question that? When I had to dc in the hosp. if the pt told me they needed a med(and for good reason, an inhaler)and it wasnt on the dc sheet, I wouldve questioned it or called the adm. md. something....who would let a pt with a dx of a severe asthma attack leave w/o an inhaler? any input?

    believe me I know dc are crazy at times and there is so much going on but really.....

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    Yes, Congratulations and Good luck!!!! Welcome to nursing!:-)

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    1st of all, take a deep breath! really that does help....right now you are in panic mode, it's sounds like. It is like a panic attack, this will pass and you will be able to think clearly. Now no doubt, your nursing director has seen this before(a nurse having a difficult time) and if you talk with the ND and be honest about what you are going through, maybe you both can come up with an alternative to being in that unit. Please take care of yourself.

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    hi, 1st of all...always follow standard precautions with whomever you are caring for, because and I'm sure you know that we may never know what someone has. But when a resident, client. etc. is found out to have something communicable appropriate isolation guidelines are put in place; i.e. for scabies, this is a contact precautions issue. If the resident, client has active TB then airborne precautions are used. Scabies is highly contagious through skin to skin contact and no sharing of any personal items should be done at all if you even suspect you have been exposed. The best thing is to make an appt with your MD. I am not sure why your facility did not make others aware, maybe ask the DON. Best of luck to you!

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    first of all hugs to you! you are not a bad nurse, get that out of your head! and congratulations on your mommy to be status:-) ahh homecare....if you read some of my old posts(even though my client is alot older)you will see what i went through. Who really knows why they didnt ask you to come back?! They say one thing and it could be another, sometimes families are not honest. I have talked with nurses who lost their shifts with families for all kinds of seemingly crazy reasons. Sometimes the
    only control the family feels is the hring and firing of their child's nurses and they take full advantage of it. The 1st nurse that trained me, a very competant, conscientious nurse, told me homecare is ever bit psych nursing also. Some families are great to work for and some families are very unhealthy mentally and the nurses are caught in the middle(of things the family says or does about the clients care) thinking they must be doing something wrong. Please don't go thinking its you and sometimes it reallt isnt a good fit anymore, between the nurse and the family,sometimes no one is to blame, just move on. I hope you feel better!

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    oh geez, im sorry just reread your I need to really pay attention to posts after I take a nap and before I respond!lol...I hope you get some correct info:-)

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    Quote from alp1
    Are there any TN LPN's working as Independent Contractors for a flu immunization clinic? I have a question about supervision and state laws. I am new to the forum Thanks for having me.
    Hello and welcome!:-) I am not in your state but please make sure of the IC laws in your state. I was going to work for agency as an IC according to them BUT according to IRS I was not and after taking out my own taxes and the paperwork I would have had to keep track, the rate was not that good. So, before you except that position check with a tax advisor or look at your state tax info. I hope that helps you.

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    Quote from BrandonLPN
    Well, hopefully five years later "Myrtle" is up to speed by now.

    thanks Brandon! I needed that it feels so good to just laugh!!!!!

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    Ok, you say you are mad and not sure you should be? well I believe anyone can feel anyway they want to....they are feelings! But how you choose to react to those feelings are an entirely different subject and you chose to deal with your feelings by venting here, which is helpful. No matter how any of us feels about drug addicts or abortion, like some wise nurse said in a post here,"do not personalize pts, you are always going to find drama and be upset". Even if we think we know what someone is going through, we may not have the full story of their lives, their hardships and it is not fair to them or ourselves to rack our brain judging them. Judging is so exhausting! Compassion(even though it may be hard to give at times)is so much easier...accept the situation, handle it the way it must be handled(your clinic has policies) and give the best care we can as nurses.

    just my

    and sorry i forgot to for your bad day.

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    first of all; HUGS TO YOU!!!You are a new grad, you need to give yourself at least a good year to feel even remotely comfortable! Nursing is very hard! You are not going to catch everything or ever stop making mistakes BUT you can minimize them and try to stick to a routine...make up a cheat sheet of questions you know the md may want, know what meds your pt is on, have a set of recent vs, etc.

    At the end of every shift, ask what you have learned and what you can improve on and do your best...that's all any of us can do...perfection is impossible but excellence is achievable!, some but really give yourself some credit, owning up to a mistake is part of the battle! Good luck to you:-)

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    I must say when I read comments about why the nursing field is this or that, because women dominate the field I have chuckeld to myself! See, I worked in a factory of mostly men and let me tell you there were the men who gossiped, the men who back stabbed, the men who were jealous of the good looking men who dated the pretty women of the factory and spread some mean and nasty things about those men out of jealousy. There were men who cheated on their wives with the women at the factory, there were men who were genuinely nice peole who stayed out of all the crap and were decent to almost everyone. My whole point is, there was a heck of alot of drama in that factory of mostly men! so when I hear women say they rather work with mostly men, I just smile and think ha, been there done that...;-)

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    have you tried a position in home health as a nurse for 1 client? I have 1 client and the nurse's who are coming on board have tired of work such as yours and they also come from hospitals. There a few things that drove me crazy at 1st but now the family is great and you can always change cases if 1 doesn't suit you.

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    "we informed the patient that this kind of behavior was not tolerated and he was welcome to leave and seek health care elsewhere. This should be the normal way to deal with this!" midwife2002

    I was thinking the same thing madwife2002! that should never be tolerated on a level in any healthcare facility! How is that accommodating a racist patient so openly serves the greater good of humankind? A stand needs to be taken at these facilities and let all patients know that any type of racial discrimination will not be tolerated.

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    And it was great! I know that I could never be in that environment FT again but it is so great to go back on my terms and great pay;-) I really enjoyed seeing everyone, the clients, the staff. And I actually felt like a regular nurse(I did assessments and treatments) see I have a homecare case that I have been on the fence about since I have had it, but i think I found my niche in that position but there, I really do not do much nursing stuff. So I was really happy to be back(even if here and there)in a place where I feel like a nurse:-) I left because the politics really got to me and I started whining alot. I did not like the kind of nurse I was becoming around my fellow nurses. I mean, I always give the best care to my patients and the aides would never really know that I was having a tough time there but my fellow nurses and I would rant so much, even when I got home I was cranky! Anyway, I always read the posts about people hating nursing and wanting to get to out, I think most of us have been,,,maybe instead of leaving altogether, find another type of nursing, especially if you love helping people living their life to their fullest health potential(if that sounds right)and solving problems. A step away sometimes does wonders for the nurses wounded soul;-)

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    Good for you! At 56 and have plenty of energy..I love it:-) Good luck to you in any area of nursing that you pursue;-)